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Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Unable to complete RefAllAxisHome
« on: August 24, 2016, 07:54:55 PM »
actually found the problem. I had motor C enabled as I thought it needed to be in order to use my spindle. it was trying to home my spindle I guess.

Mach4 General Discussion / Compiling Sim
« on: August 24, 2016, 11:16:09 AM »
What version of VC was used to compile Sim? I have vc10 installed and when I attempted to compile it failed with a bunch of undefined error message. I'm at work right now, but I will send in the error log after work.. got wxwidgets compiled and I think I have the header's installed in the correct places since there were no error's so far concerning that.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Unable to complete RefAllAxisHome
« on: August 23, 2016, 05:47:35 PM »
I'm using a current version of Mach4 3130 with latest ESS 186 driver.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Unable to complete RefAllAxisHome
« on: August 23, 2016, 05:20:08 PM »
Sure thing.. had to rename my machine.ini to Colten.txt in order to upload it

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Unable to complete RefAllAxisHome
« on: August 23, 2016, 12:39:34 PM »
Guess I should mention I have an ESS attached to the C32 bob. Find attached an log of homing attempt.

Mach4 General Discussion / Unable to complete RefAllAxisHome
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:08:04 PM »
For some reason Reference All Axis Home has quit working. When I reference all, each axis does it thing. You can see that they all turn green. But it will not complete. I have to Disable Mach4 at  which point I get a msg about referencing is complete, however this also de-references all axis's. My Y axis is slaved to my A axis, with home switches on each side. These switches each have a separate input. X and Z each have a switch as well. In my history, I see that X, Y and Z each home, but without that disable, it will not go any further.. Anyone have any idea's on what to try? Btw, I've only setup home switches and no limit switches to make it simpler in the config.

Just discovered that if I click Stop, it will complete referencing and keep it. Still should not have todo this though.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Struggling with Lua
« on: August 09, 2016, 09:22:16 AM »
the Do Loop could be done like this I believe

while (1)
       if something then break -- this could infinite loop on you. but then so did your original


for element < 20
     if something then break -- this would loop 20 times and then quit or break out if something happens
     element += 1

Mach4 General Discussion / auto soft limits again
« on: August 08, 2016, 02:32:23 PM »
I don't pretend to be a programmer all that often anymore, but this was needed I believe. This will set Soft Limits off before a RefAllHome(). And after the RefAllHome() is done set it back on so you don't forget to do it.

create a mcSoftLimits.lua in your modules directory with the following

-- mcSoftLimits.lua
-- local CDFuncs = {}

function autoSoftLimitsToggle (togglevalue)
    local mInst = 0
    local rc = 0
    local inst = mc.mcGetInstance (mInst)
--    mc.mcCntlSetLastError(inst, string.format('In Auto Soft Limits Toggle = ' .. togglevalue));
    for i=0, 11 do
        if mc.mcAxisIsEnabled (inst,i) == 1
              mc.mcSoftLimitSetState (inst,i,togglevalue)
end -- of mcSoftLimits.lua

Now in your screenset load script. This script is only run once, and we need an initial value for the variable.

machSoftLimits = -1 -- add this near the top of the script

Now find RefAllHome() and add the two lines to it.

function RefAllHome()
    autoSoftLimitsToggle(0) -- ****** ADD we want to make sure and turn this off at this point.
    mc.mcAxisDerefAll(inst)  --Just to turn off all ref leds
    coroutine.yield() --yield coroutine so we can do the following after motion stops
    ----See ref all home button and plc script for coroutine.create and coroutine.resume
    wx.wxMessageBox('Referencing is complete')
    machSoftLimits = 1 -- ******* ADD this line to your RefAllHome() function

Add this in the section that loads required modules.

package.loaded.SoftLimits = nil
sl = require "mcSoftLimits"

Finally at the bottom of your PLC script add the following

if ((machSoftLimits == 1) and (machState == mc.MC_STATE_IDLE)) then -- after we finish the toggle, set machSoftLimits to 0 so we don't come back here until needed.
    machSoftLimits = 0; -- RefAllHome() set's this for us when we need it

if (machSoftLimits == -1) then -- Don't care what the state of Mach4 is here. We just are disabling them for first run.
   machSoftLimits = 0;

Mach4 General Discussion / machine.ini
« on: July 01, 2016, 06:14:10 PM »
Is the machine.ini connected to the screenset in anyway other than defining what screenset to load? What I attempted todo in order to save myself some effort once again
was to copy the working .ini file from a profile into a newly created profile which uses wxrouter.. When I do this, I notice there are some color changes?? where there should not be. As well
upon exit I can an error msg as shown here


This is due to wxrouter storing values in the machine.ini. I eventually found these values and copied them over. This is not very unhandy.. wxrouter should have it's own ini to store values in and not store them in the machine definitions. doing this causes it to be highly unportable and makes updating a frustrating process as you need to copy machine settings down on paper and then re-write your machine.ini.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Has ArtSoft Layed Off It's Programmers?
« on: December 29, 2015, 08:11:45 PM »
troll troll troll

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