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Yes enter was pressed and was that appropriate? How would one get through the prompts with out pressing enter?

My issue is quite madding. I will calibrate z axis and Mach doesn't seem to be saving the calibration and it seems to be increasing the "Steps per".
Steps to reenact issue:
Open mach version R3.043.022 CNC Plasma
Pop window stating "kernel speed set over 25000"
Config - Motor tuning - Z axis - Steps set at 9387.437181 (all other y and x are set around 1900), velocity 159.788019997191, Acceleration 60, g's 0.155411424, Step pulse and dir pulse 0.
Set Z axis to around 2000 and save
settings - Axis calibration(steps per Unit) - Z axis - Start gap of torch head is 2.296"- In the prompt I move Z 1.5"- Z now only moves .298" - Next prompt states "Z axis will be now set at 10067.114 steps per unit" Accept? - yes.
Then when I try to recalibrate Z axis It is sill off by .338 Mach wants to save the steps at 12552.511.
Then if I try to recalibrate Mach wants to increase the steps yet again to 15554.536.

Ran Drive test and it came back System Normal.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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