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General Mach Discussion / Blue smoke
« on: May 28, 2011, 05:05:52 AM »
Hi all NC's
I have tried joining the club.
Build a 3 axis table and bought some steppers and a breakoutboard.
Link for bought item : http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/346614957-3Aixs-Nema-23-290oz-in-21kg-cm-Stepper-Motor-TB6560-drive-board-power-supply-CNC-Router-wholesalers.html
At the time I had NO clue about mach3 or any type of CAC/NC software. Still feel I don't :)
Anywho - I received the steppers. But no English manual. Only Chinese and some screenshots of mach3 setting up for a roadrunner.tab testrun
I thought - Ohh well, I can do this whit just the pictures.
Hooked up - did a drivers test with excellent result - loaded the Gcode and pressed cycle start

Ugly sound from one of the engines. A longer ugly sound from one of the engines. And then a cracking sound from the board garnished with blue smoke.
All happening really quick I might add.

So - With a broken board I started doing some resarch on the subject :) Standard male approach of things :) :)
I have seen the motor-tuning videos etc - But is that enough? :)
I would really like to avoid breaking the next board as well :)

Hope any of you can help

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