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First .. Thank you BR549 and Tweakie.CNC .

Dear Tweakie.CNC ...  you ask me more detail ..

I will make CNC mill machine .. and used the famous Circuit of Tom McGuire

as you see if step signal come to 4516 , the 4028 "Sequentially" will open the MOSFETs, ok.

but if there is no step signal,will be one of the MOSFETs still open therefore its temperature increases and damage.

the components:

24 volt power source (adapter of an old printer) 500mA
IC's: 4516 and 4028
stepper : 24 volt, 5 Wires
Diode : 1N4007
Zener : 8 volt
Capacitor : 220 micro farad , 35V

Hi, everyone....

I want  "MACH3" to do this:

If ( Step Signal ) exist then EnableSignal = 0
If ( Step Signal ) not exist then EnableSignal =1

thank you.

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