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General Mach Discussion / Axis Stops Working
« on: May 11, 2011, 11:48:24 PM »
Hi All,
I'm running a laser cutter with Mach3 connected directly to a G540. Desktop PC with video card, no other programs running. Drive Test says all is well.
I've got a couple of Gcode files that I'm testing with. One draws a square and the other draws an interpolated circle with G2. I can bring up the system, load in either file and it works great. However, if I change feed rates in the Gcode or jog to a new position, quite often the Y-axis stops working. Jog continues to work fine. If I quit Mach3 and restart it, sometimes the axis starts working again, sometimes not. If I reboot the PC and then restart Mach3, MOST of the time things start working again. In all cases, jog continues to work correctly after the axis quits working under program control. The only other piece of info I have is that it sounds like the X-axis has changed feed rate once the Y-axis stops working. Jog, however sounds right.
I hope someone has some ideas!
Thanks for any advice,
Tim Walters

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