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General Mach Discussion / Incrimental mode
« on: May 01, 2011, 12:34:29 PM »
Sorry to bother you guys but I just cant remember how I managed to set the incremental mode on mach3.
I run an older version and it crashed. I lost control of the motors and things just would not work properly, so I set up a new preference and it is fine except for the incremental mode! I have a newer version in the house and that is just a question of altering the general config menu. But on this version there is no general configuration menu and I just cant remember how I changed it before.

General Mach Discussion / Driver chip burnout!
« on: April 15, 2011, 11:06:14 AM »
Hi. Can anyone help me with a problem?
I have bought a cnc wood router that i am told uses nema 23 motors and it is fitted with a four axis control board using Tb6560 driver chips. The problem is that the chips are blowing on a regular basis (small hole and lots of smoke).The motors have no labels and 8 wires.They look big to me and I wander if they may be drawing to much current and causing the problem?? I bought a new power supply with the last board and things have been fine for a few cuttings but this morning when I started to move it went again. I am getting fed up with soldering new chips and am desperate to make my machine reliable. I have ideas and projects comming out of my ears and it is so frustrating to be stuck like this.
I have the higher amp board.
Should I use a different driver and if so what?
Any help would be realy appriciated

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