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5th, April update:

Latest founding is that, system with build-in display card will have this problem, the instruction manual of MACH3 stated that MACH 3 shuold runs on a system with independant display card with independant display RAM.

Conclusion is that : be it a new or old system motherboard, it must running with independant display card.

Update today:

Some fellow DIYer said, this scenario happens even when MACH 3 is running in DOS, Pure DOS, not the DOS enviroment within the Windows system.

I wonder if MACH3 can be running in DOS, is there any version of MACH 3 that runs in DOS?

Thanks alot! Hood!

I will try the setting first, if it does not work well, I will try to find a Windows system in English!

I am sorry, I am a newbie here~~~please let me know how to attach... 

my computer is running in Chinese language Windows, I have difficulty even typing in English.....


Modern computers should have no problem and be as stable as older hardware. One thing that may affect things is often modern motherboards have power saving features, especially Intel CPU motherboards. There are power saving settings in the BIOS that Intel CPU motherboards have that should be disabled as if not done they will throttle back the CPU and cause problems.


Thank you very much for your prompt reply,  we did disable the power saving function, and it happens even with AMD's CPU ...........

I saw this in another forum in China, guys there found that the pulse output geatnerate by MACH 3 is not stable, it stops from time to time with uneven interval, which will leave uneven machine mark on the work piece when milling.

What made these halts ? and how to avoid it ? Guys in that forum started to test on various kind of motherboards and CPU, and seems that MACH 3 runs better in older systems, such as single core CPU ............

Your advise is appreciated!

Best Regards,


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