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Well greetings to start with! And if this is in the wrong location-I do apologize. I am extremely new to CNC operations and am trying to build a handwheel on Mach3 turn. I keep getting a pretty wild shape with G02 and G03 in that it loops and ends where I want it to, but not along the path I was hoping for. I am guessing I have "I" and "K" way off. I understand that there are probably a thousand ways to skin this cat, I am at this point merely trying to learn any one of them. Basic design is an 8" wheel with a web of 0.375 and then as it gets to the outer edge it transfers into a 1.00 diameter sphere. I have attached a .dxf file that shows the outside profile. The .dxf is rough as I wanted to leave the dimensions attached because this has a reverse curve in it. Again thanks ahead of time for any help I get!

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