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Mach3 under Vista / Re: Getting up and running in Vista
« on: July 06, 2007, 04:36:38 AM »
The contents/settings in "memoryoverride.reg" are already in the Vista registry, so running the reg file won't change anything anyway... at least that was the case on my Vista machine.

To be safe and sure it's best to create a new Restore Point in Vista before making any such registry changes. This is really easy to do, just go to
Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore | "Open System Protection" (near bottom-right of open window)... This will open the "System Properties" dialog to the "System Protection" tab...
near the bottom-right you will see a button labelled "Create..." (as in Create a new Restore Point). Click the button and provide a name for your new restore point and let Vista create a new retore point for you.

This retore point can always get you back to where you were... registry and all!

I've been using Vista with Mach3 (w/LPT and G100) very successfully for over 5 months now (I don't even need to use compatibilty mode). If you give my entries in this thead a good read you'll find info that will really help you along.  I hope this helps!!


General Mach Discussion / 4th axis is slowing X, Y, and Z
« on: July 05, 2007, 06:01:48 PM »
Hi Forum,

I need some help getting Feedrate speed out of my setup... when a gCode line with only "A" on it runs all is fine and "A" is as fast as "F" is set, but lines with "A" and another axis like "X" "Y" and/or "Z" the feedrate drops to around 1.2 IPM which is like sooo very slow!

My setup is:

-Mach3 w/ G100
-4th Axis Motor Tuning settings: Steps[500], Velocity[2500] yes it's cranked!, Acceleration[1000]
-Tangential control[OFF]
-Settings page Rotation Diameters: A[+0.0001]
-Settings page Axis Ihibits[OFF] for all 6 axis'
-General Config Angular Properties [CHECKED/on] for A, B,and C
-ToolPath Configuation Use diameter For Feedrate[CHECKED/on]

My snippet of gCode is:
f50000 (cranked and still slow on A w/XYorZ)
x0 y0 z0
z-.187 (moves fast)
y2 (moves fast)
y0 (moves fast)
x2 a90 (moves SLOW!!!)
z.2 (moves fast)
x-.5 y0 (moves fast)
z-.187 (moves fast)
x0 y0 a90 (moves SLOW!!!)
x2 a180 (moves SLOW!!!)

Also to rule out software/firmware woes I've tried different versions of Mach3, different versions of Mach3 G100 Plugin, and different version of G100 Plugin Firmware... all perform with same problem persisting.

Any help is h-u-g-e-l-y appreciated!!!


Mach3 and G-Rex / G100 Plugin Config Analog #s don't match G100
« on: June 21, 2007, 01:56:01 AM »
On the G100 Plugin Config window the radio button Analog Output numbers (1 thru 4) don't match, or correspond with the actual G100 Analog Output numbers (1 thru 4)... Is there any fix for this?

Competitions / Re: ******Guess and win a G100 Grex******
« on: May 23, 2007, 12:31:00 AM »
OK, I'll fall for this co-op marketing gag... besides I like both ArtSoft and Gecko and have bought Mach3, G100 Plugin, G100, and G203v products and then some!

... drum roll ... ... ... ... 2,971,323

ps- I hope your tracking indicates great success!  you all are GREAT!!!


Mach3 and G-Rex / G100 Mach3 Setup and Motor Tuning
« on: May 10, 2007, 11:39:56 PM »
I need some help setting up Mach3's G100 Plugin features.

In 1st screenshot below what exactly does CV Radius control and when does it control it?
Also, what are the units of measure?

In 2nd screenshot below can you explain each of the 4 CV Control settings and how to use them:
1) Plasma Mode
2) CV Dist Tolerance [nnn] Units...
3) G100 Adaptive NurbsCV
4) Stop CV Angles on > [nnn] Degrees

In the 3rd screenshot below can you please explain the effects and usage of Maximum Frequency?  I've noticed that changes here affect the Motor Movement Profile's Velocity scale.

If there's a document that covers these things please point me to it, thanks in advance for your help!!!


Mach3 and G-Rex / G100, Mach3: What's features are not working?
« on: May 10, 2007, 10:26:15 PM »
Can you please list for me the features that are not working when using Mach3 R2.00.065 and the G100 v2.00.064 Plugin?

Also, at the moment I'm interested in probing, does that work?  Thanks in advance!!

Mach3 under Vista / Re: Getting up and running in Vista
« on: May 07, 2007, 07:19:12 PM »
Notebooks and laptops often use a 3.3v reference voltage as "High" on their LPT Port, which is down from the IEEE Standard of 5v (this is due to running on battery power and the need to extend operating time when on battery).
Most breakout boards depend on a full 5v logic signal, so this is the likely source of the problem.  Also, it helps some to use LPT Mode "EPP" or "Bi-directional", ECP or anything using DMA can become iffy and are not recomended.

If you can do a test using a desktop machine with the LPT Port set (in the BIOS) as "EPP" or "Bi-directional" and see if you get the desired results.  This should help get you to the next step.  Myself, I've moved to the Gecko G-Rex G100 to interface with my machine's drives. Connecting via LAN is incredibly better than LPT, I haven't used the ncPod but I investigated it a while back and thought it was nice.

Graham: Please don't take this negatively... since this is the "Getting up and running in Vista" forum I think helping people succeed with Mach3 in Vista is a better route. :)  I do love and appreciate XP, and like most I use it everyday. I also use Vista everyday and Longhorn/Vista Server, as a network architect for a fortune 500 company I need to be at the top of my game... for both my sake and my employers sake.  Vista isn't as bad as some make out, it is new and more complicated in ways that make it costly to ramp-up on. This cost is a real pain and for some it can be put off for a couple years.  I still think Vista is worth the trouble.


Mach3 and G-Rex / Re: G100 found and runs though Firmware not "Run"
« on: May 04, 2007, 02:07:01 PM »
Thanks for responding!

I couldn't get the problem to repro (reproduce), so I think it was just me and that the G100 was in "Run" mode. Oh well.  :-[

Here's the G100 Firmware Manual text on "Autoboot Time"

Auto Boot Time
If you enter a value above 3 (seconds) in this field, then the G-REX will automatically start the DLP
firmware after this amount of time, after it is powered up. Before this time limit expires, if you connect to
the G-REX with a web browser then the timeout will be cancelled. A minimum timeout is required to give
you time to connect in case something goes wrong with the DLP firmware.
If you enter a value of 0 for the timeout, then the G-REX will wait indefinitely in the download manager.
In this case, you will need to start a web browser session to the G-REX, then press the "Run Firmware"
button in order to start the DLP firmware.
It is recommended that you set this to 0 when trying out new firmware. When happy with it, set the value
to 3 or more so that the new firmware starts automatically.


Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: G100 Upgrade on B-I-G CNC Router
« on: May 02, 2007, 04:30:42 PM »
The Campbell-Designs relay board has 12vdc relays on it, which is just what the G100 "Digital Outputs" will provide (up to 100ma) each.

The Gecko documentation poorly describes the usage of the Digital Outputs, so here's the deal:

Connect one leg of 12vdc relay coil to a G100 Digital Output (1-16), connect the other leg to the power supply positive (+).

Functional description of G100 Digital Output (port):
The Digital Output is @ HI (+12vdc) when off (no output/indicator not lit).  When the Digital Output is on/enabled it goes LOW (becomes 0vdc/Ground) and its indicator light is lit.

The next step is to configure Mach3:
Configure | Ports and Pins | Output Signals...
 Outputs are listed as "Output #1(-16)"; assign the Output of choice "Port #" = 1 (very important!!); The "Pin Number" is not used, so its value doesn't matter; "Active Low" is set to X

If Digital Ouputs are used for the Spindle and/or Flood/Mist Control then also do the following:
Configure | Ports and Pins | Spindle Setup
 Assign appropriate "Output #" for "Relay Control"-"Clockwise(M3)" and CCW(M4) and also for "Flood Mist Control"-"Mist M7" and "Flood M8" if used.

... and that's it!

The G100 is much smoother, the steppers are quieter and more responsive and can go faster without stalling.  There's some exclusive G100 path and velocity settings that affect the results of G-Code and I'm still experimenting with those.  Previously, (in Windows XP) some apps when launched or closed and while Mach3 was open would ping the LPT port of my computer causing the machine to jump and lose position even though G-Code was not running... that's gone now.  Overall, it's just a cleaner and more reliable approach and has greater possibilities for extending the machines capability.  Certainly worth the $400 and the conversion labor.

One Mach3 caveat is that the Tool Path info is virtualized so Mach3's tool pathing green dots are an estimate of reality, so what they show you is approximate.  I spoke with Art about this and did my own tests and the reality is that the G-Code is accurate and the programmed part is true.


Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / G100 Upgrade on B-I-G CNC Router
« on: April 26, 2007, 03:21:34 AM »
Hello All,  Here's my retrofitted and upgraded Thermwood Catesian 5 [96"x48"x7"] CNC Router:

All the OEM stuff is long gone and now it's setup with Gecko G100, Gecko Drives (X, Y1, Y2, Z, A).  Also, there's spindle ON/OFF and accessory relays.  My only remaining task is to upgrade the spindle to HSD (or maybe Colombo) water-cooled 24k RPM with ATC.

Not directly visible in pics is the 2.5" tall extruded aluminum heat-sinks that the Gecko Drives are mounted to. Dual large 115vac fans force air through the sinks keeping the drives cool.  This is needed since the stepper motors are very large NEMA 42 80v w/2600 oz/in holding torque.

The machine is very fast and runs comfortably @ 250 ipm for when jobs require that.  The G100 does a great job at keeping things smooth.  This setup really gets me some great quality finishes.


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