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General Mach Discussion / mach3 turn lathe spindle stalls
« on: March 16, 2011, 02:47:58 PM »
i am having a very old problem i am fed up of. My lathe's spindle stalls when using a parting off tool. I can set any rpm using the s word in mach3 turn But it seems that mach3 is not synchronizing the speed with its output. i think that the freq on the VFD shud increase when load is put on the spindle and mach should regain the rpms it is set for. Am i right?

thanks in advance for your help,
jasminder singh

one more thing if you can tell about.
its about writing a macro in mach.
i want to write a macro in mach3 that will get input from a encoder attached to the stepper motor. No matter which direction, this macro will see if a pulse was given to a stepper driver (or a parallel port pin assume 2) but there was no output from the encoder and will then reset mach3 and display a message saying that motor is missing steps.

I want to know that-
1. is this possible?
2. can mach3 take ttl level inputs at the intervals of 5 us?
3. can mach3 run both the program and the macro all the time along with it to monitor the input.

i am pretty sure that you will have good knowlegde about it.
buying a servo isn't a good option this time for me. may be i can save my workpiece from being scraped this way.

jasminder singh

ooops , no enter after m30
i got it. thanks.
i just felt that i am missing steps. any good diy servo controller built out there you may know? i want to start with atmega16 and an hbridge circuit that i have on my hands. i have a quad encoder with 400 ppr. sorry but no uhu based controller. any atmega16 code may help to get a good start.
thanks again,
jasminder singh

many thanks hood. you are awsome.
i have doubt now when people call me intelligent.
it is working now. But i don't know why the m30 rewind program command is not working. may be there is something new in latest version. i will google it.
can you help me setting up the pulley ratio?
the motor is having a 5 inch pulley and the spindle is having 4 inch. max rpm of motor 1370.
what wud be the ratio and max rpm at spindle?
i don't have techometer but my cal says spindle will have max of 1500 rpms. but not sure.

thanks again,
jasminder singh

dear hood,
i saved the xml file when i was trying different settings for mach3 but when i was trying to get my dro work, the index was enabled. ( the index led in diag. screen does not blink if the index is not enabled in the settings) shortly, it wasnt the problem but just a mistake by me.
any other cause or possibility for mach not to show rpms?
i installed the newest version but still the problem is same. before yesterday, the dro was working correctly. i replaced one of my stepper driver and the problem begins.
i am failed to find out where is the problem. The index sensor is giving active low pulse from 4.2V to 0.80V. Mach3 is sensing it but where the problem begins?
i will trying feeding the index pulse directly to my parallel port and see if the bob or something else is coming in the way.

any suggestions are welcomed,
jasminder singh

thanks hood for your help.
here are the two xml files one from the older version 2.0 and the new one 3.0. \
the problem still exists.  the spindle index is being sensed but no rpms in the dro.
the changing speed while jogging is gone now. i don't know how.

i am jasminder singh from india. i just built a cnc lathe running mach3 with a pci parallel port. here is build log on cncnzone:
i am getting a strange problem.The spindle dro is not working in mach3 turn. the index led blinks in the diagnosis screen when moved with hand slowly it means that mach is receiving the index pulse. but why no rpms are show (just 1 is displayed)
The spindle speed is chaning when jogging the z and x of my lathe. Spindle slow downs when axis moves towards the chuck ( same is with both x and z axis). Please suggest. I have tried reinstalling mach3 (2.0somthing version) and changing the debounce and index delay too.

many thanks,
jasminder singh

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