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Sounds like macro problems or maybe duplicate pin assignment.
i have double checked it. But no clue.
Any tips to make the mach more stable (suppose for a batch run of 200 parts)

i got my new pc wired up. The jog keys are working, the inputs/outputs everything is okay. Spindle runs good, flood, mpg is also fine.
But my new pc goes mad sometimes.
1--When a tool is called, it doesnot give the output signals to the turret controller board sometimes.
2-- it sends the two output signals pin 14 and 16 sometimes when not needed. (i have used the pin 14 and 16 for jog mode indicators and two leds are driven from these ie: mpg or continous mode) usually one of them should light up. when it happens, i have to reset mach to get it to work again.

what's wrong with my new pc?
Hood, where are you? ::)

with thanks.
jasminder singh

Scotch is probably more popular in India and China than in Scotland nowadays ;D

one more thing that came to mind is (if it is possibe to do) that "can artsoft develop an operating system of its own?
I have experienced some unspeicified error and "atrcode error trigger and recovery like messages that bugged me a lot even when my computer was workig good.
I wish if art could make something that never gives any errors or crashes. Something can be made that starts just after a pc boots, that should be more stable, trustable and error free.

Scotch is probably more popular in India and China than in Scotland nowadays ;D

it is just some local made whisky mixed with some "dizzy dizzy capsules" lol. no one gets pure things in india. Pure milk, milk products, wine, even pure people are hardly seen these days here. I will try some johnywalker sometime and then ask more about it ( if i still doesnt get the answer lol..)

Or build your own, its the way I like.

i like that way too. but the route is expensive (almost double)
i bought this cpu 2 years ago for 80$ when i begun my project. wasn't a bad deal for that amount. (after all it went through several sparks and the on board parallel port is also fried)
wish me luck for a good deal again. (why scotch is so much popular btw? I guess you can tell about it easily as you tell about mach)
jasminder singh

i am looking for a new "used pc for the lathe"
no luck with the error. Rather than replacing the ram and hd, it is better to have another cpu ( one spare may help sometimes)

ok something got really bad today.
i decided to reinstall windows xp. put the cd into the cd rom (had to buy a new coz my pc wasn't having) then did a format to c drive. But now i am failed to install windows to my PC. It shows a blue screen with some 0x0000 and 000 something codes and physical memory dump creation done.

i tried reinstalling it from 2 cds many times but no luck ( do i need a new PC????)
please help guys, i am not in mood of spending more $$$.

Yeah modern processors will get so hot touching the heat sink will burn you.
under no load the processor is pushing ~50 degrees C and they won't shut down until they are over 80 degrees C
That's why I said load up a temperature monitor and check what the actual temperature is.

i tried installing 2 temperature monitor but none of them got installed. Today i noticed that when i open task manager and move the window of the task manager with my cursor rapidly, the cpu usage of Pc goes to 85% then after 2 seconds returns back to 0 (when i stop moving the cursor and window). wtf is wrong with my pc?
should i try a system reinstall?

If it's the CPU overheating it will most likely restart.
What will usually happen is windows will blue screen with some random error and the default behavior is to immediately reboot.

If you believe it's the CPU overheating, I'd put thermal paste between the CPU and the HeatSink.
But I'm suspicious that it's taking 2 hours to shutdown, usually thermal problems are pretty immediate when under any significant CPU load.
As I said above I would verify what the issue is.

There are a whole host of other things that could cause a reboot, from PSU problems to RAM and bad components on the MB.

i have checked the processor heat sink that becomes very warm during running. is it normal?

It was my understanding that the processor thermal trip "shut down" the PC rather than triggered a "restart".  ???

but my pc restarts (i guess this is what actually happens when a thermal trip occurs)

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