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General Mach Discussion / EMCO PC Mill and Turn 55 - Conversion
« on: February 07, 2011, 03:56:57 PM »
Hi All,

I own very little used EMCO PC- Mill55 and a PC-Turn55. I have the ISA cards for each, and they are both fine and fully functional as they are intended to be... I would like to do a lot more with the PC-Mill55 than the 3-Axis's it has... probing, 4th and 5th axis's, etc.. I'd thought about ganging up the EMCO/Proprietary ISA Cards, scavenging the PC-Turn55 for the EMCO servos and controller, and hacking my way through trying to add functionality to the PC-Mill55 that way.

With the belief that I cannot be the first EMCO PC 50/55 user to want to convert to Mach3, I tried to do a forum search, and didn't have as much luck as I thought, so I have to ask.........

Being completely unfamiliar with Mach3 set-up/configuration/capability... What would it take to operate these EMCO machines from Mach3? I don't have  abig budget, and would consider cashing in the lathe to expand my Mill's capability...  THOUGHTS???


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