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General Mach Discussion / What did I do and how to fix it?
« on: February 05, 2011, 10:27:14 PM »

I messed up my zero touch setup and now I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to get it working again?

This morning when I booted up the computer, it gave the error to press F1 to continue and F2 to restore defaults in the cmos, so without thinking, I pressed F2 and then the g540 wouldnt start.. so when mach3 error came up for the settings, I clicked the repair/reset option.

THEN realized that my cmos likely changed my port type back.. So I rebooted to the bios and fixed that. Everything worked ok but my touch plate. so I ran the zero touch plate script again and same.. so restored the mach3 back a few times, same.. no luck. I checked the settings in the ports/pins and it was still on port1 pin11 where it was working before my brain malfunction. I took the check out of the active low and the touch plate light came on. changed back and it still wont work.

I rebooted numerous times, reinstalled the mach blue screen and deleted my zero touch macro and created a new one. Ran again and still the same.

What settings in Mach would have changed when that error popped up and I reset the settings?

Any ideas anyone?


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