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I need the editing a sizing, spacing, fonts and formatting mill wizard does not have.
Found stick font 2.12 which has the flexability can covert fonts to chr format that mill wizard also uses (requires mod in text to display letters in right order in mill wizard)
It generates a gcode which I can add in millwizard looks fine I also add a rectangle around to cut out sign. All looks fine in mill wizard.

Says gcode created. but when I load into mach3 the rectangle is gone and if I try to run code the gcode moves but the DRO oscilates between  0    .0025 mm nothing happens. Is this a bug or am I missing something.?

Thank graemecns

I found windows XP professional Optimization guide.
XP home edition came pre installed on computer can I run optimization steps from after install or do I need a fresh install? might not have disk for home only Dell xp Professional?

I also tried running USB controlled HyCNC-4P-60 from Hytechworks. This is a controller unit generating its own Frequency etc the motors  sounds much different than when running on LPT (sound grindy)
I am not sure if it is running at the right speed what is the best way to test speed of motors?
I thought I could Program a square and check Time and distance to complete.

Thanks Graeme

Sorry the computer I have the problem with was a fresh install on a clean xp computer.
No dust clean board
Checked Bios found frequency set at auto I changed to 2500mhz.
Tried mach3 again in diagnosis screen pulse frequency. approx 5500 motors run slow.
When I run a lpt port monitor the frequency changes to 25000 Or more.
Motors sound right but sound like missing steps

Hi All. I am an old user remotivated I have purchase a S/hand Xp 32bit computer approx three yeras old to use with Mach3. My old computer worked fine with Mach 3 but was getting old and intermittant boot up. I have pinned my problem with slow running motors down to Pulse frequency . Mach3 Pulse frequency set at 25k but when in use on Diagnosis page only getting 4500-5000. If if run LPT Debugger frequency is 25K and moturs run ok. Don't want to run with LPT debugger on all the time any suggestions where I may look for a fix have spent many hours so far to get to this point.
Thanks in advance Graeme 

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