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I use Gibbscam or manually programing depending on the detail involved in the part obviously easy stuff manual G-code for more involved jobs I use Gibbs.
We just got our licence upgrade Gibbscam 2011.
I have used Gibbs since 1998 on our other equipment we have some of the largest machining centers in the Northeast.
The lathe I want to test your screen on in in the tooling division of our company where we machine the smaller support stuff, in the main bay we have 60" to 200" lathes, and Vtl's that are either CNC or manual
Larry Dyer is my Gibbs guy and he wrote a new post for the Ecoca after I did the Mach3 retro on the lathe.
The flange job should arrive next week, reason being I am on vacation this week so I am sure it will be waiting for me when I get back...you know how that goes...
Check out our website below it shows main bay at my company and also in the scroll pictures there is a stainless spool I just got done with on our Poreba lathe I make about 10 of these Hydro spools a year.
This will give you a visual of our operation and it also lets you know I'm the real deal and your screen will be used in a true manufacturing setting.

Really nice. This type of screen for lathe was long overdue.
Full feature, crisp, clean, all-in-one, the best.
I hope we are selected for the test.
I have 800 steam pump flanges to make and would really like to run this screen on our lathe.
Question, will all buttons that are active ie. M01, Single block, etc. be highlighted somehow (LED, COLOR CHANGE) when active?
A great piece of work, look forward if selected to try it out.

downloaded the file you sent into the mach3 folder and it came in perfectly but there are no changes to it.
Iit seems to be the standard machblue screen no additions or changes took.....not sure whats goin on.

Thank You Hood...really appreciate it.

Hello Hood,
I was wondering if you were able to look at my last message bout adding two features for my lathe.
If your able to do this please let me know if not I will keep trying on my end to add the features.
Thank You,

not sure what you mean i found this version number in the help section for the software

Information sent!

Sorry cannot see the M01 where bouts is it located on the screen?

Really like the work your doing and this would be something I would be interested in trying out here at our company on one of our cnc lathes that I just retro'd with the machmotion controller...I have over 30 years experience in cnc and can manually program anything but I also use GibbsCam for the more complex geometry jobs to save time for our production requirements on our lathes...I cannot however create a workable screenset for our lathe to save my life so this is where you come in if your interested in me trying out your Beta version.
If interested I will send you the lathes information you requested in your previous post.

Nice work!
I have noticed that an optional stop button is not available.
This would be nice as well with a indicator led to indicate that it is activated.

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