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Mach4 General Discussion / Mach 4 G-Code File Extension?
« on: April 01, 2020, 06:30:48 PM »
I am not sure why I cannot find this in the documentation quickly, but what is the standard or recommended file extension for Mach 4 G-Code?

I found one document (not by Artsoft) that said .tap, but I want to make sure it should not be .nc or something else?

I am trying to fill all the paperwork out for BobCAD V32 to make a proper post for Mach4 instead of just giving you a Mach3 post. I would have thought they already would have this by now. Apparently I am the first person or something...

I am not sure I am going to be able to answer all the questions because I don't even know how to do it all yet. I got my machine all done and running Mach4 properly, but I have not used it to make anything or program anything yet due to lack of time.


Hmm. I read there are some differences...


I just want to make sure I get started with the right stuff and do not limit Mach 4 by using Mach 3 posts.

I do not see a post processor listed for Mach4, only Mach3.
Anyone know what post processor I should be using for Mach4 (mill)?

Okay! I got rid of all the bootup messages now. Mach4 boots clean finally with no messages (unless something is really an issue).

I took the second set of E-stop contacts off the Pokeys input and did a 5V loop to the 2-15 input on my Machmotion IO6 BOB. 2-15 is now telling Mach the E-stop is on or off (even though the actual E-stop critical functioning works off the other contact set. Function and reporting are now correct, even at boot.

Works perfect! (Limits and E-stop).

I was finally able to solve the spurious limits message. The only way I could do it was to add another relay to isolate the E-Stop to my Machmotion I06 BOB from anything to do with the limit switches. I ended up using another relay on the BOB to break the signal to the enable relay if the limit circuit is opened instead.

There is no way I can get rid of the E-stop messages that I have found so far. That occurs due to using the Machmotion IO6 BOB E-Stop terminals along with the Pokeys for reporting the E-stop through the ESS. That little cycle of changes at bootup does not seem to be avoidable in reporting it. At least the displayed message after boot is that the E-stop is cleared instead of that spurious limit stuff.

I believe the way the Machmotion board works is that the E-stop circuit is not working until Mach is booted, so you get that 24V on the circuit before Mach Boots and the E-Stop circuit gets going. Then it pulls low. If I had a schematic of the board I might know more or see a way to do it...

If anyone knows of a way to get rid of that, let me know...

Would be nice if Pokeys, Mach, or Warp9 had a solve for that. It would be nice to just get a clean boot with no message at all (when the E-stop is not activated already).

I was doing some more searching. It looks like this problem has always been there and I kinda dealt with it before.

Apparently Warp9 changed something so the messages I am seeing at bootup are different and in a different order. Now the worst one is showing up last and hanging out in the message bar. grr


It would be nice if I could get rid of all these, but this explains why I didn't remember seeing this before. They changed the wording and the order of checking and reporting I think!

If I knew how to turn off and on the limit reporting as you suggested, that would maybe get rid of the worst message, but I am not sure what the programming is to do that....

My limits will do their job regardless of this message at bootup or anything the computer or ESS is doing. I would like to keep it that way.

I figured out this is happening because the way my limit switches are wired in series with the E-stop circuit. This way it kills everything if a limit is hit (could be bad if the computer loses it's mind).
I also have a an input tied to this for the limits. This is being held at 24V until Mach fires up, then it goes low like expected.

This is also likely what is causing my E-stop messages at boot.

Not really sure what I can do to fix these from not happening. The E-stop circuitry is on the Machmotion IO6 BoB (originally designed for Mach3 I guess).

It's working fine, but these false messages at boot are annoying and if I don't use the machine for awhile and forget, I will be wondering why it is happening again, or if someone else ever used it, they would think there is a problem.

From memory looking last night I think the limit switches are active high and the homes are active low. I will look into your suggestion and see what I can find.
What is odd is that I do not recall getting this last time I was messing with programming, but now that I got side tracked a couple months I have to refresh on all of this.

This is in my history at start up of Mach 4 every time. I am running the latest Mach 4 and ESS plugin (just updated the ESS today 2/10/20 and it still happens). My Mach version is still at the recommended version.

E-Stop condition!
E-Stop cleared!
>>> Clearing a spurious limit_hit_latch event event. Start Logging in 'Menu-> Diagnostic-> Logging...' to see more details.

Everything works fine after this so far, but I am not sure why I am getting that "Clearing a spurious limit_hit_latch event event." at start up

It homes fine to the home switches every time and works fine after this. The actual limits work fine also (kicking everything off).

Of course turning on the logging does me no good, because it only happens at opening of Mach4 and the logging can only seemingly be started after Mach4 is opened.

I cannot remember if this was happening before. I was working on my machine for awhile (rebuilt ball screws and new support bearings). I did change the ways oiler to come on whenever Mach4 is enabled rather than when an axis is moving.

Mach4 General Discussion / Dual Dimensions?
« on: November 01, 2019, 10:44:09 AM »
Has anyone setup the screen set to display dual dimensions on Mach 4. I was just thinking this could be interesting to have metric DRO's show up somewhere.
I would assume you could write some code to do the math and display it, but I was wondering if there was a simple way and if anyone has done it.

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