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General Mach Discussion / Safety door issue
« on: September 18, 2011, 06:30:21 PM »
Good night,

In a totaly closed lathe, with a sliding door with a solenoid, during a cycle run, the user cannot open the door as it is closed by the solenoid.
With the machine stoped (non cycle), the user is able to open the door and the following should happen:

1) Not possible to jog the machine. I do not want to disable the servo drives as in Mach the axis values would change, I want that Mach disables movement until door is closed - it is possible? this is, there is a why that jog and outputs (water pump for example) are not enable while the door is opened?
2) Not be able to start a cycle. This is ok to implement.

Thank you and greatings.

*****VIDEOS***** / Hydraulic seal machining
« on: December 19, 2009, 08:33:38 AM »
Simple hydraulic seal being machined in our automatic system:


Done with a fanuc, siemens or mach3 machine. We made a software that outputs compatible g code for all three controllers, and here is a video that shows a simple seal made in one of our cnc machine. You can use your own machine.


mastor (dot) lda (at) gmail (dot) com

My company is about to release a complete package consisting on a machine/tools and software to produce hydraulic and pneumatic seals of any dimension up to 500mm, in several raw materials and profiles. A seal can be produced in a matter of minutes.
This system is under testes since February 2009 with good results and the product is ready to go on a commercial basis. The user does not need to be an expert in CNC machining or does not need to write the code. Our software does it all, just input the seal dimensions, and you are ready to go.

Currently we are able to provide the following:

1) Complete machine + tools + software + raw material (starting at 28000€)


2) tools + software + raw material (you will need a cnc lathe) (starting at 4600€)

Basically we are on a survey to understand if there are clients that would prefer to use they currently system (cnc lathe) and adapt it to produce seals. This could be a very low price for starting producing seals in house without a large investment. Check a video at:


or our profile range at:

(currently, the descriptions are only in Portuguese, but profiles can be seen)

Any comment please email mastor.lda (at) gmail.com.

General Mach Discussion / Protect paint from moisture
« on: October 24, 2009, 03:09:00 AM »
Probably not the best place for this, but I suspect it have interest for many.

I am painting (90% done) a machine with standard synthetic paint, due to availability and price (probably I have started bad ...). This machine was indented to work primarily with compressed air to remove chips. But now I will use for sure water/oil moisture that will quickly ruin my paint job (and what a long job it was).

My question is what can I apply to protect the paint (new paint) from moisture? Varnish will due? any special material?

Thank you.

General Mach Discussion / $5000 retrofit
« on: September 25, 2009, 02:59:00 PM »
Hi. Imagine that you have a big (14 ton (metric) milling machine in pounds I belive around 28,000), old machine that currently is driven by 1.1kw motors (induction ac motors) to feed each of the 3 axis. The machine is amazing rigid, type of contruction that nowdays is not done anymore.
I saw it machining 1.2cm height on each passage (1/2") with a 300mm diameter mill. Amazing power.

Moving with my hands on the existing motors I could move the machine without effort on a 50mm (2") pulley. I suspect that currently exists more or less a 1/10 reduction between the motors and the existing screw.

Now my question: Imagine that you have ballscrews at hand and that you want a professional close loop servo system (I want a trouble free thing) on all three axis to replace the current motors and existing reduction to a direct ball screw installation. And for all that you could spend $5000 in material.

It is possible? What you you recommend ?

Thanks for any idea.

General Mach Discussion / Tool radius compensation for Mach3 DONE
« on: September 15, 2009, 01:48:05 PM »

Recently I got a job for making a very special lathe for a client. I did it with Mach3. But my client uses existent FANUC machine code that already have the tool radius compensation. No CAM was allowed in between. I had two choices:
1) Quit the job
2) Make an application that "translates" non compensated code to compensated code and Mxx and G72 G74 among others instructions fully compatible with mach3

I did the program and the machine. This software is working every day.
I do not know if there is interest for users or for even Mach personal. If a good number of users have interest, I can make a sample version cropped in some manner to test.

Where goes a sample of a translation (G72 and others macros were calculated to simple movements. Also the tool compensation was taken in account):

Code: [Select]
(Generated by FastPostProcessor - Mastor, Lda)
(Version0.55 Build 22082009)
(Sat Aug 22 17:18:26 2009)
G21 G90 G95
M16                               ( Vacuum start )
M80                              ( Coolant start )
G95 M4 S1107 (emulated speed)
G00 X115 Z2.8
G01 X113.4 Z0.8 F0.7
G01 X85 Z0.8 F0.091
G00 X85 Z5.8
G95 M4 S1160 (emulated speed)
G00 X109.717 Z2.1414
G00 X110.116 Z1.8
G01 X110.116 Z1.0271 F0.091
G01 X111.41 Z-1.3168 F0.084
G03 X111.307 Z-1.5114 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X109.707 Z-2.3114 F0.084
G02 X109.211 Z-2.0007 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X109.943 Z-1.7707 F0.084
G03 X110.439 Z-1.7986 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X112.039 Z-2.5986 F0.084
G03 X112.156 Z-2.74 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X112.156 Z-5.48 F0.084
G03 X112.039 Z-5.6214 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X110.439 Z-6.4214 F0.084
G03 X109.943 Z-6.4493 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X109.211 Z-6.2193 F0.084
G02 X109.707 Z-5.9086 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X111.307 Z-6.7086 F0.084
G03 X111.407 Z-6.9077 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X110.116 Z-9.0495 F0.084
G01 X110.116 Z-9.17 F0.084
G00 X113.756 Z-9.17
G00 X113.756 Z2
G00 X107.116 Z1.8114
G01 X107.116 Z1.0271 F0.084
G01 X108.41 Z-1.3168 F0.084
G03 X108.307 Z-1.5114 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X106.707 Z-2.3114 F0.084
G02 X106.211 Z-2.0007 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X106.943 Z-1.7707 F0.084
G03 X107.439 Z-1.7986 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X109.039 Z-2.5986 F0.084
G03 X109.156 Z-2.74 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X109.156 Z-5.48 F0.084
G03 X109.039 Z-5.6214 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X107.439 Z-6.4214 F0.084
G03 X106.943 Z-6.4493 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X106.211 Z-6.2193 F0.084
G02 X106.707 Z-5.9086 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X108.307 Z-6.7086 F0.084
G03 X108.407 Z-6.9077 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X107.116 Z-9.0495 F0.084
G01 X107.116 Z-9.17 F0.084
G00 X110.756 Z-9.17
G00 X110.756 Z2
G00 X104.116 Z1.8114
G01 X104.116 Z1.0271 F0.084
G01 X105.41 Z-1.3168 F0.084
G03 X105.307 Z-1.5114 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X103.707 Z-2.3114 F0.084
G02 X103.211 Z-2.0007 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X103.943 Z-1.7707 F0.084
G03 X104.439 Z-1.7986 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X106.039 Z-2.5986 F0.084
G03 X106.156 Z-2.74 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X106.156 Z-5.48 F0.084
G03 X106.039 Z-5.6214 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X104.439 Z-6.4214 F0.084
G03 X103.943 Z-6.4493 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X103.211 Z-6.2193 F0.084
G02 X103.707 Z-5.9086 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X105.307 Z-6.7086 F0.084
G03 X105.407 Z-6.9077 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X104.116 Z-9.0495 F0.084
G01 X104.116 Z-9.17 F0.084
G00 X107.756 Z-9.17
G00 X107.756 Z2
G95 M4 S1475 (emulated speed)
G00 X92.2828 Z2.8586
G01 X90.9656 Z2.2 F0.084
G01 X87.3016 Z2.2 F0.084
G02 X85.936 Z2 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X85.936 Z-2.055 F0.084
G02 X85.9526 Z-2.1119 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X86.79 Z-3.5219 F0.084
G01 X86.79 Z-4.6971 F0.084
G01 X85.9526 Z-6.1081 F0.084
G02 X85.936 Z-6.165 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X85.936 Z-9.17 F0.084
G00 X84.336 Z-9.17
G00 X84.336 Z2.2
G00 X87.936 Z2.02
G01 X87.936 Z-2.055 F0.084
G02 X87.9526 Z-2.1119 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X88.79 Z-3.5219 F0.084
G01 X88.79 Z-4.6971 F0.084
G01 X87.9526 Z-6.1081 F0.084
G02 X87.936 Z-6.165 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X87.936 Z-9.17 F0.084
G00 X86.336 Z-9.17
G00 X86.336 Z2.2
M01            ( optional stop finishFeedrate!=0 )
G00 X91.936 Z2.0133
G01 X91.936 Z-2.055 F0.084
G02 X91.9526 Z-2.1119 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X92.79 Z-3.5219 F0.084
G01 X92.79 Z-4.6971 F0.084
G01 X91.9526 Z-6.1081 F0.084
G02 X91.936 Z-6.165 R0.2 F0.084
G01 X91.936 Z-9.17 F0.084
G00 X90.336 Z-9.17
G00 X90.336 Z2.2
M17                                ( Vacuum stop )
G95 M4 S738 (emulated speed)
G00 X107.756 Z2.2
G00 X107.756 Z-8.22
G01 X90.336 Z-8.22 F0.175
G00 X107.756 Z-8.22
G00 X107.756 Z15
G92 Z24.57                          (AutoOffset Z)
( End main program preparation ------------------)
M81                               ( coolant stop )
M05                               ( spindle stop )
T0303                      ( ready for next piece )
M30 ( Program end and rewind --------------------)

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / hvac software
« on: September 03, 2009, 02:18:22 AM »
Hello. Can anyone advise on a specific hvac (tubes, curves - conduct industry) software for plasma cutting under 600 usd ?

Thank you,

See foto. Machine capability 125"x65"x20".

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