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Hi Guys,
   I completed my first build a few years ago on my Hurco KMB1 using geko servo drives, pmdx-126 breakout board and a smooth stepper, its all running welll.
I have now been gifted a Beaver VC5 which I am hoping to convert now too. It has been a while since I have been on here or any other forums and technology has moved on a bit, I initially had thought of using dugong drives as I need more power handling this time, but they seem to have disappeared from the marketplace in my absence.

I am seeking so advice and recommendations on what components are out there now in todays market, and advice on Mach3 Vs. Mach4

Also as I only use my machines for my personal hobby and enjoyment cost is of prime importance

servo motors are Siemens 167v 12.5A permanent magnet
spindle motor is 5kw DC driven by a KTK controller
machine also has a 12 station tool changer

would Mach4 be more suitable considering the setup for the toolchanger?    I know nothing about Mach4 only that it is more versatile than Mach3
Are there specific breakout boards for Mach4 ?     I think I rerad that somewhere
What servo drives with suitable output for my application  are people opting for ? maybe viper ?
Is a smooth stepper still a good option ?
would I be able to keep my existing KTK spindle driver ? ( it is the same one used in bridgeport interact I believe)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


I have finally got my machine up and running,(Hurco 3 axis mill), I have everything pretty much configured, and have done some test cuts, I have a little problem though, with a hot key issue,  the "@" symbol toggles E-Stop on and off, I hit it by accident and of course lost position.
I have been in the ports and pins and set all the hotkeys to zero and have not configured anything in the hokey menu, they are all still at the default 999 setting.
I did have my E-stop hotkey as the space bar when I was testing the machine a few months ago, but have now removed that function, just this "@" symbol issue.
Can anyone advise me what the issue is - could I be doing something daft ???

My milling machine conversion is comming on well, although I have experience of manual control machines I have very little CNC experience

I am in the process of making the front panel control and would like some advise on what hardware buttons should be on the wish list.

With my lack of CNC running experience, and a limited number of inputs and outputs available, I would like some ideas from othe users what they consider to be "must have" or "would be nice to have" as hardware buttons / control

I am hoping to use the original MPEG wheel and mount it on the consule too, my list may look some thing like this

jog +
jog  -
single step
axes selector
feed overide
spindle overide
coolant overide
machine hold

have I missed anything that may be useful, or have I included anything that may not be of much benefit as a hardware button

I would really appreciate some input / advise from  users with more experience than I have


General Mach Discussion / limits and homing
« on: September 23, 2012, 07:15:30 PM »
I have managed to get my Hurco under power and moving, I have got the limits set up and machine is homing to x- and y- limit then backing off a little
I would like to home to a postion about an inch or so off the limit, how do I set this up, I have tried entering the +1 or +2 in the homing cordinates box, but this has no effect

Also having real trouble trying to set up the soft limits, keep getting an error message when I try to switch them on, something like "limits are not in range"

I have 24" travel on x, have tried setting the soft limits to min 0 , max 23, wont let me enable them, what am I doing wrong


Mach3 under Vista / press reset, emergency mode active
« on: November 16, 2010, 07:27:56 PM »
Hi, I have downloaded the demo, and have got the reset button flashing, and the words "press reset, emergency mode active"
but it wont reset, total noob, what doI need to do ?

I am running vista

Thanks in advance !

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