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Cs-labs  kanalog are about $500 and viper do an eboard to convert digital to analog in closed loop for $89 per drive

just thinking a little more, I would not commit to buying anything just yet. Its not impossible
that either or both servos and spindle are analogue. If thats the case the items you've mentioned
will not work.

Still need to find out  what signals are required by your servos and spindle.


Thanks Craig, great advice, something I had overlooked, the original drives are siemens 6RB and are +/- 10v analog so if keeping the drives a KFOP/KANALOG may be an option. I am going to get it into the workshop and hook up power to see whats working and whats not, apparently it had an issue with the Z axis, whatever that turns out to be may help me make the decision on which way I go

Pleasantly surprised today.. after being informed that KTK drives had become "control techniques" I emailed them today and within the hour they had a pdf copy of the KTK manual for my spindle drive sent out to me, fantastic.
I have pretty much decided to go ESS, pmdx126 BOB and pmdx 107 spindle controller, the same as my Hurco, as I am familiar with these.
I might be able to use the stock servo drives

My last decision I guess takes me back to the heading of this post

Mach3 or Mach4 ?

would mach4 be more suitable, adaptable, easier or capable when it comes to trying to configure and operate my 12 station tool changer ?

Thanks Craig, the machine is complete and was running when removed but had some fault with the Z, that`s all I know, I have not put power to it.
It has siemens servo boards and motors, I never thought of keeping the original drives, might be a possibility
The thing that worries me about the spindle drive is it has a ton of wires connected to it, its a huge unit, not  simple connections like a VFD, I have no idea why it has so many terminals ??? I have tried to google for a manual but have had no luck so far its a KTK 6P4Q7-5MTD and has a FXM5 field controller wired to it as well

I have looked at the PMDX-424 BOB, reading the spec it appears this board has a  device similar  to a smooth stepper built into it, and its designed to run on Mach4

The Lua programming is really daunting though as I have zero programming skills

Hi Guys,
   I completed my first build a few years ago on my Hurco KMB1 using geko servo drives, pmdx-126 breakout board and a smooth stepper, its all running welll.
I have now been gifted a Beaver VC5 which I am hoping to convert now too. It has been a while since I have been on here or any other forums and technology has moved on a bit, I initially had thought of using dugong drives as I need more power handling this time, but they seem to have disappeared from the marketplace in my absence.

I am seeking so advice and recommendations on what components are out there now in todays market, and advice on Mach3 Vs. Mach4

Also as I only use my machines for my personal hobby and enjoyment cost is of prime importance

servo motors are Siemens 167v 12.5A permanent magnet
spindle motor is 5kw DC driven by a KTK controller
machine also has a 12 station tool changer

would Mach4 be more suitable considering the setup for the toolchanger?    I know nothing about Mach4 only that it is more versatile than Mach3
Are there specific breakout boards for Mach4 ?     I think I rerad that somewhere
What servo drives with suitable output for my application  are people opting for ? maybe viper ?
Is a smooth stepper still a good option ?
would I be able to keep my existing KTK spindle driver ? ( it is the same one used in bridgeport interact I believe)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


can you please tell me what the "screen designer" is and how I can find it


Thanks Hood,  I have attached the zip files, I dont think I have modified the screenset at all, but I did start the project 18 months ago so not too sure


Hi Hood, no, I am using the standard screen screenset, I am also using a storm 2200 keyboard like the one you have...
Cant figure this out, I did have a dialog box pop up unexpected, it said something about hidden script editor or something like that, I just closed it down again, not sure if that is related or not ???

I have finally got my machine up and running,(Hurco 3 axis mill), I have everything pretty much configured, and have done some test cuts, I have a little problem though, with a hot key issue,  the "@" symbol toggles E-Stop on and off, I hit it by accident and of course lost position.
I have been in the ports and pins and set all the hotkeys to zero and have not configured anything in the hokey menu, they are all still at the default 999 setting.
I did have my E-stop hotkey as the space bar when I was testing the machine a few months ago, but have now removed that function, just this "@" symbol issue.
Can anyone advise me what the issue is - could I be doing something daft ???

I am using a PMDX 126 and ethrnet smooth stepper, will the PoKeys work with this setup ?

I had a look on their website, looks like they now have a new ethernet model, it supports up to seven analog and 55 digital inputs

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