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Not sure if this is the right place for this post, if not then my apologies in advance as I am new to this Forums ways/layouts :)

My issue is that when using the ESS system I can only get the spindle to run constantly at 2200rpm or less, it will run at higher speeds but not for long and it appears that the higher the speed (Max 4000) the quicker that everything "drops out" and goes to "E Stop Condition".

Pressing the on screen Mach3 "Reset" button will reset the system and the spindle can be started again straight away.

There are no "error" or "alarm" messages and no fault lights on the spindle drive.

Setup is :-

Latest Mach3 lockdown 66 version (62 version has also been tried but just the same)
Latest Smoothstepper version ESS_v10h2d1a (Version ESS_v10eb1a has also been tried but same issue)
CNC Doctor isolated spindle step/dir to Analaog converter http://www.cncdoctor.co.uk/b1-vsc-v1_64.html
Motion Control simple BOB, straight through no electronics on board
Smoothstepper ESS board
Spindle motor 4000rpm Brushed DC Servo with Tacho feedback to drive
Sprint Electronics DC Motor drive (New)

Everything looks OK, output to the Sprint DC Motor from the step/dir to analog is correct, eg, set 2000rpm in MDI in Mach3 and the output is 5Volt DC, 3000rpm will output 7.5Volts DC, drive has been adjusted to give the actual correct rpms for these inputs and with a cheap Laser Tacho speed checker speeds are within acceptable tolerances. The "ramp up" has been backed right off so I don`t think it is that.

I am sure it has to be a setting either in Mach3 or the ESS plugin that I have missed/got wrong but for the life of me I can`t find anything that makes any difference. It all works OK on a Parallel port but I am trying to get away from using these due to problems with "pins" going down.

Any/all help no matter how great/small will be much appreciated as this is costing me a fortune in headache pills  :) :) :)


General Mach Discussion / Aerotech motion systems
« on: November 09, 2010, 09:04:00 AM »
Can anyone tell me if they have used or know if it`s possible to use Mach3 with an Aerotech system of BA drives, brushless DC motors BM130 and the Aerotech U500 "Ultra" ISA Motion card (4 axis), also in the system is the Interface card BB501 and an Opto isolated I/O board.

Thanks in advance for any info/help with this.


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