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Mach Screens / Button Problem- Cannot use g53 incremental
« on: December 10, 2010, 07:35:52 AM »
Hi All

I have created a button on my manual screen to move the machine to my regular start position. However, it gives an error message "Cannot use g53 incremental "
If I replace the g53 with g91 it works perfectly, but i need the machine to move to an absolute position! Please help?

Herewith my code for the button:

'Moves machine to an slab Start Position
Dim Action As String
Dim Machine_Z,Stone_Thick,Above_Stone,Tool_Table,Home_Z,SafeJOG_Z,x_move,y_move,z_move,a_move As Double

x_move = 200
y_move = 200
z_move = 0
a_move = 0
Machine_Z = GetABSPosition(2)
'MsgBox "Machine Z is " & Machine_Z
Stone_Thick = GetOEMDRO(2000)
'MsgBox "Stone_Thick is " & Stone_Thick
Tool_Table = GetOEMDRO(2001)
'MsgBox "Tool_Table is " & Tool_Table
Above_Stone = GetOEMDRO(2002)
'MsgBox "Safe height above stone is " & Above_Stone
Home_Z = 0
SafeJOG_Z = Stone_Thick + Above_stone - Tool_Table
'MsgBox "SafeJOG_Z is " & SafeJOG_Z & " and Home_Z is " & Home_Z

Action = "G53G0X" & x_move & "Y" & y_move & "Z" & z_move & "A" & a_move
'msgbox "Action is " & Action

If Machine_Z < SafeJOG_Z Then
MsgBox "Move Blade above stone first to Safe height of at least " & SafeJOG_Z
Code Action
End If

Hi All

I have built a new screen for manual stone cutting with a vertical saw blade. However, I would like to code the JOG BUTTONS with an IF statement to not work if the Z height is lower than a certain height which can be calculated. I need this because the operator of the machine forgets to lift the blade to a SAFE Z height above the stone material which is being cut when jogging. The blade then hits the stone and gets damaged!

Can someone assist with code?

Thanks All.

The problem I has was that if I wanted to do a straight cut at for eg. 33deg - there is no JOG or MOVE button to tell the machine to now move into the direction which the blade is facing.

I have solved the problem by adding a new Manual input screen for the saw blade use with one MOVE button extra. I have entered VB code to make the machine move into the direction which the blade is pointing at for a set distance at g01 feed by just clicking the button. Now, I just aim the laser to the required cut direction, enter the required cut distance in a DRO and click the MOVE button. It works great - I can now cut into any 0-360deg direction. Works great for templates which are marked on the stone.

thank you, i have checked it out. I am convinced it will work! :D

Hi, I have built a bridge CNC 4axis saw to cut Kitchen worksurfaces. The blade motor is attached to the Zaxis with a rotary table. I have all the axis working with mach3, but would like to know if Mach3 can control the rotational saw head to cut in any direction according to the DXF drawing. If it can, how do I set it up to travel in the direction the blade is aming?
Curt Kilian
Granite Objects
South Africa

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