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General Mach Discussion / Re: Huanyang VFD & Spindle Warranty Problems
« on: October 05, 2013, 11:51:06 AM »
This is a long story, so I will try and give the Reader Digest version.

I have finally been able to get these warranty problems taken care of. I contacted "world-etrade" and told them about the problems with the spindle. It took some doing but they reluctantly sent a replacement spindle.
Now "eling-export" was a whole other nut to crack. I lost count of the communications back and forth (40+). At first "eling-export" was very reluctant to give any warranty coverage, but after I got in touch with PayPal about opening a case "eling-export" changed their attitude real fast and wanted to know if I would drop the PayPal case and change my 'feedback' at Ebay. They sent me an address in California to return the VFD/spindle, but I had to pay the shipping ($28.00). All of this sense about 8/25/2012. I returned the VFD/spindle but did not hear back from "eling-export". My tracking # showed that they had received the VFD/Spindle. After contacting "eling-export" again and threatening to reopen the case with PayPal. They ask me not to do that and that they would refund my money to PayPal and send the money for the shipping. After three days of not hearing anything this morning I received an email from PayPal that the $311.00 has been returned to my account and that $28.00 (shipping cost) has been sent to my PayPal account. I will admit that I had just about given up hope of getting my money back. Just shows that you have to be persistent and stand your ground. This morning I did change my 'feedback' in Ebay about eling-export.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Elapsed Timer problems
« on: September 30, 2013, 07:44:29 AM »
Yes I know, I looked up Carnoustie, Scotland on Google Earth. My wife is from Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Elapsed Timer problems
« on: September 29, 2013, 05:31:52 PM »
Off subject but we rented a house just west of Tealing for a week 4 years ago. What a nice time we had!! :) ;D

General Mach Discussion / Re: Elapsed Timer problems
« on: September 29, 2013, 03:01:36 PM »
After spending hours (no days) trying to understand my Huanyang VFD/Spindle problem. I think I know where the trouble is. I have been using this VFD/Spindle setup sense January, but I had a problem with the spindle and was sent a replacement motor under warranty. After installing the new spindle and making sure that the wiring was shielded & grounded. I could not get Mach3 to control the VFD as it should. I re-installed Mach3 three different times. Even went to an older version of Mach3 (R3.042.040) also the Mach 2010 Screenset set back to (V. 1.5) and the Mach3 Plugin set back to V. 1.1.2 for the Huanyang VFD. At this point Mach3 and the CNC are running as it should. I can start the VFD & spindle but I cannot stop the spindle even with an E-Stop. The only way to ‘stop’ the spindle is to press the ‘STOP’ on the VFD. Sometimes when I do this it will lock-up Mach3 and the PC. Then I have to go to “Task Manager” to close Mach3. And reboot the PC to get back into Mach3. I have even tried a gcode with M3 S----, M5 & M6 but the VFD ignores these commands. The spindle will run from the VFD in ‘manual’ (only @ 24000 RPMs) and with no RF interference back to the CNC steppers.
Here is what I think is going on. After reading everything I can find on the forums about these Huanyang VFDs I believe that my VFD has stopped responding to the VFD plugin and is not sending the reply back to the PC that it is looking for.  At this point I am looking for a new 2.2kw VFD and believe me it will not be made in “China”. I’ve been thinking about the Hitachi WJ200-022SF.  ???

General Mach Discussion / Elapsed Timer problems
« on: September 27, 2013, 11:50:47 PM »
Elapsed Timer problems
I have spent two days reinstalling Mach3 V. 3.043.066 on my diy (Very, very long story) along with Mach3 2010 screenset & the plugin for Huanyang VFD. I have almost everything working again, but one. I had been running this setup sense January before now. But now when I try to run gcode with an “M3 S15000” (I have a 10 second delay set for the spindle to come up to speed). But here is the problem, the “Elapsed Time” only goes to 2 or 3 and stops. So after about 10 seconds of the gcode not running I get “Estop” and a shutdown of the spindle. I can do a “run from here” a little further down in the program and the ‘Elapsed Time’ will run. Is there a setting somewhere I am missing?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Huanyang VFD & Spindle Warranty Problems
« on: September 12, 2013, 10:44:43 PM »
Gene8522 wouldn't be the first person to get stuck with Chinese junk. I consider any vendor warranty on Ebay as empty promises especially from China... buy at your own risk.

However... I don't think defective equipment has anything to do with his problem. It's highly unusual to have two motors and/or drives from two different vendors fail exactly the same way. Not to bash Gene8522 but this problem sounds more like a improper drive setup or wiring issue.

I found my drive set for factory defaulted values and must be configured for the drive input voltage, motor FLA, max rpm's and frequency, etc. A misconfigured drive can quickly short a motor winding. The manual that comes with the drive leaves allot to be desired for specifics.... unless you have a background in VFD's or the drive is sent with setup instructions its very easy to skip parameters.

Gene8522 didn't say if its a 2.2kw or 1.5kw. I have a Ebay 2.2kw water cooled motor and Huanyang drive with 450+ hours on the clock. Unless its running at high amps the motor just gets warm even without the cooling pump.

The 2.2kw drive can output 11 amps @ 400hz BUT the 2.2kw motor is rated for 8.5 FLA @ 400hz. The drive has to be set to current limit at 8.5 amps. The factory default is 11  amps. The 1.5kw motors is rated at 8 amps FLA and a 1.5kw drive will only output 7 amps so there is very little chance of an over current situation.
My spindles were both 2.2KW water cooled. The first one had run sense January with out any problems before it gave up the ghost and died. The second vfd & spindle I was only able to run for about 5 seconds on a test run. I hooked up the spindle without hooking the PC to the vfd just to test the vfd/spindle running it manually . I did a PD013 to reset the factory settings, then went went through the PD001 to PD006 & PD141 to PD144. I used the manual start to start the spindle, and when the RPMs went up to about 13-14K I stopped the spindle. When I looked around there was smoke coming the spindle as the spindle was slowing down. WOW what happen. The vfd was showing "dL". Man not again!! I started checking all of the PD code# setting looking for a problem. geh7552 is right when I looked at the amp. output again at PD142 it was set at 11 amps. Then I seemed to recall the first spindle was set at 8.5 amps. But it was too late the spindle would start but only run for one or two seconds then shut down on "dL" read out. I'm sure that the "Factory" setting for the vfd bit me in the a** and fried a phase in the spindle. When I tried the test run it was late and I was already frustrated with the other vfd/spindle that I over looked the amp setting @ PD142 and did not change them. Hard way to learn, being an "Amateur"   >:( :-\

General Mach Discussion / Re: Huanyang VFD & Spindle Warranty Problems
« on: September 12, 2013, 09:53:30 AM »
I suspect that you are doing something wrong.  2 in a row is unusual.  Got my spindle from www.buildyourcnc.com in Katy, TX.  Good folks and stand behind product.  I am using 16/4 SJO for cable between VFD and spindle.  You need at least #18 wire but I always up one gauge when the wire is constantly in motion.
You are quite right about Daniel Hood over @ 'buildyourcnc'. My diy cnc is a copy of the "Blacktoe" and I bought all if the electronics and some of the parts from Daniel.
Right now I'm using #18 shielded wire, is the 16/4 SJO shielded? If so where did you find it?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Huanyang VFD & Spindle Warranty Problems
« on: September 12, 2013, 09:41:09 AM »
Here is an up date on the spindle motors problem. "world-etrade" The ebay company that I bought my first vfd & spindle from has agreed to replace the spindle if I would return the defective spindle to them. The good news is I only have to ship the spindle to their warehouse in California ( $23.83 from Texas ), tracking shows that the spindle should be in California Monday. Now lets see if "world-etrade" sends me a replacement spindle. Please let everyone know that "world-etrade" on ebay appears to be good on  their warranty, it just takes a while for them to do anything.
Now there is the matter of dealing with "eling-export" on ebay. After 24 corespondents with "eling-exports" via ebay and answering every stupid question in the book. They even ask if the input power supply to the vfd is "2 phase or 3 phase". I told them I am using 220 volt 'single' phase and that I had never seen "2 phase" used in this country. Way before my time. They even ask for a YouTube video of the vfd & Spindle in action. I don't have a video camera, but I did send about 10 photos.  So with my frustration running off the high end of the scale. I contacted PayPal 'Resolution Center'. PayPal opened a case against "eling-export" and said they will return the money for the vfd/spindle to my account, but I have only 10 days to return the spindle to "eling-export" in Guangzhou Guangdong Province, China. I am going to ask PayPal if I should have to pay the return shipping to China, after all I was sent a defective vdf/spindle.  The problem is when I tried to print out a UPS shipping label it says that the 'post code' is incorrect.  
I'll post an update to this as I know more.  

General Mach Discussion / Huanyang VFD & Spindle Warranty Problems
« on: September 06, 2013, 01:35:38 PM »
On my DIY CNC I installed a Chinese Huanyang VFD & Spindle that I bought on ebay back in late December. I also have the plug-in that controls the VFD with Mach3. I will say that everything was working well. I really enjoyed the low noise from the water cooled spindle.
Now here is the problem. Two almost three weeks ago the spindle stopped working and the vfd display showed "dL", which indicates a current leak somewhere in the spindle motor. I bought the vfd & spindle from "world-etrade" on ebay. I looked back at their ebay listing and saw that there is a two year warranty. No problem, right. No, you would be wrong. I contacted "world-etrade" and ask about getting a new spindle covered under their warranty. After several responses on ebay back and forth they have not replaced the spindle and will no longer correspond with me about a replacement spindle.
I had no chose but to get another spindle. I found that I could get the vfd & spindle for not much more than just the spindle alone. So I ordered a new vfd & spindle motor from "eling-export" and had it within a few days. I was back up and running. Not so fast................ I hooked up the vfd & spindle in manual control to test everything out. The spindle started coming up to speed when smoke started coming out it. The vfd shut down with the "dL" showing on the display. I contacted "eling-export" about replacing the faulty spindle motor under their three year warranty. After answering a lot of stupid questions and sending them photos of the wiring from the vfd to the spindle. And explaining to them that my power supply to the vfd is 220 volt, single phase, not 220V, 2 phase or 3 phase we are at a dead end. As of now they have not send me an RMA# nor an address to where I can send the spindle for replacement or refund. This is what their ebay listing says: “satisfaction guaranteed,return accepted without asking for a reason, fully refund or exchange will be give upon our receiving the returned item.item must be returned in mint state with original packing,please notify us and with our confirmation before you want to return anything.”
I have contacted ebay customer support with my problem with “eling-export”. They say that they can help with “eling-export” and get my cost and shipping returned, but that there may not be anything they can do about “world-etrade” since it has been over six months.
Right now I’m not sure what to do, but to warn ever one about these cheap Chinese spindles. And I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet ($$$$) and get better quality VFD & spindle.

Beware and watch out these sites  >:( >:(

General Mach Discussion / CNC starts and stops vectors
« on: June 06, 2013, 04:10:37 PM »
I've read before that someone had this happen to them but can't remember were I saw it.
My home built CNC running on MachIII does not run the coded vectors smooth. It runs just fine then will pause for like a second or two then run but after a bit will pause again. Some times it will stop running the code two or three times in X or Y movement every three or four inches.  I don't know if the problem is in MachIII or my PC controls. Seems like I had read that the PC speed may be too slow. But this problem has just started about 3 or 4 mouths ago using the same PC.

Any thoughts????????????????

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