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Also, sorry Jeff !

I forgot to mention that at the time of performing the above test the Mach3 software was performing no other functions or motion control over the systems, apart from it having engaged the three stepper motors, by the pressing of the standard reset button !

We then simply loaded up the standard "Roadrunner" file, an were quickly rotating the image, up, down, an side to side with the mouse !



Dear Jeff,

Thanks for the reply !

The file that I referred to is the standard "Roadrunner", which by all means is not at all that large on size or complexity !

Ignoring the desktop unit as this was by no means powerful !

However the laptop it was tested on was a Toshiba Satellite with an AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core QL-65 2.10GHz 64 Bit Processor, with 4.00GB (3.75GB usable) Ram, and incorporating an ATI Radon 3100 Graphics card  !

(1) So if this is the case with the above, what do you recommend as a computer minimum requirement and specification, especially if files are going to be 3D surfaces which will be much larger than the standard "Roadrunner" file used in the above testing ? Please Advice !

(2) Do you know if the current development of the next version of Mach3 is doing anything to overcome this problem by maybe separating the processes, alleviating the current Mach3 software doing everything, including redrawing the image in a single thread. ? Please Advice !

Your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated !

With kindest regards.


After looking at the two above posts I found that the following post providing the necessary documentation, plugins and macros supplied by Joakim Hjort (User Area51) fixed my Generic USB Joystick problem !


Well presented and detailed documentation !

Thank you Joakim Hjort (User Area51) !

I have just found that if I load up any job in Mach3 CNC Controller Software (Version : R3.042.040), communicating through the Smooth Stepper Board (Beta2_V015ogx2), that after it has been displayed in the "Tool Path" window, if I manover the job image around with my mouse in any circular direction, i.e. side to side, up and down etc., for a certain amount of time, that as soon as I let go of the image by releasing the mouse button the Mach3 CNC Controller Software immediately gives an "Extrenal EStop Requested" Error Message, and releases it control over the SS Board ! I then have to press the "Reset Button" to regain control over the SS Board and the system !

If however I perform the same routine with the SS Board not connected, the above problem does not surface, but as soon as I reconnect the SS Board the problem is back !

I have tried this under both Windows XP and Windows 7 platforms, a well as on two different computers, being a Desktop, and Laptop, with different processors, and performances !

Anyone know of this problem, and the likely cause of the SS Board giving an "Extrenal EStop Requested" Error Message as described above, and any suggested fixs ?

With kindest regards.


I must have incorrectly mis-spelt my search request on "USB JOYSTICK AND SMOOTH STEPPER" as I initially did not get back any previous posts similar to my problem !

The following posts might help others with the same USB JoyStick and Smooth Stepper problem !




I will try the above suggested USB JoyStick Plug-Ins and report my findings !



SmoothStepper USB / Smooth Stepper and USB PC Joystick Problem !
« on: May 20, 2011, 11:35:06 AM »
21 May, 2011.

Dear Smooth Stepper & Mach 3 Forum,

Can anyone explain to me, why my standard USB PC JoyStick works with my Breakout Board when connected directly to the Parallel Port using the standard "JoyStick Plug-in Art-Fenerty Ver. 1.0a - JoyStick.dll", but when I drive the same Breakout Board through the Smooth Stepper, the standard USB PC JoyStick fails to respond !

I have tried it numerous times, but I constantly get the same result each time !

Does it have anything to do with the XP Windows Environment, or is it related to the firmware of the Smooth Stepper, or some setting that I have overlooked ?

Any thoughts and/or suggestions ?



I'm sincerely sorry about the multiple postings ! But being new to the forum, and the method of posting and replying, I accidentally doubled up ! Once again, I sincerely apologise to all "Mach3 Form Users" for any inconvenience, which this may have caused !

Ignoring the costs !

Has anyone got any feedback or had any dealing with the Digital CNC Control Kits supplied by "MachMotion" such as the following : http://machmotion.com/cnc-products/cnc-controls-1/cnc-control.html as they seem to have done all the hard work for you ?

They also supply their components as separate items, such as their I/O Breakout Board (http://machmotion.com/cnc-products/parts-accessories/motion-controllers-parts/breakout-board.html), MPG Handpad Pendant (http://machmotion.com/cnc-products/parts-accessories/operator-panel-1/pendant.html), User Operator Consoles (http://machmotion.com/cnc-products/parts-accessories/operator-panel-1/operator-panel.html) !

Has any General Artsoft User every used their I/O Breakout Board (http://machmotion.com/cnc-products/parts-accessories/motion-controllers-parts/breakout-board.html) as the interface into Mach3 ?

Any general comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated !

General Mach Discussion / MachMotion Digital CNC Control Kits !
« on: April 20, 2011, 08:39:53 PM »
Thank you !

Has anyone got any feedback or had any dealing with the Digital CNC Control Kits supplied by "MachMotion" such as the following : http://machmotion.com/cnc-products/cnc-controls-1/cnc-control.html as they seem to have done all the hard work for you !

Any comments would be greatly appreciated !

Dear General ArtSoft Mach3 Forum !

We have restarted our investigation into using the Mach3 software to run an old Gerber 48 Routing System using DC Stepper Motors !

There seems to be a great deal of breakout boards being sold out in the general cnc market place by a number of suppliers !

Our question is a very simple one, what is the "BEST BREAKOUT BOARD" recommended by most of the ARTSoft Mach3 Forum, that is going to allow us to initially run the above 3 Axes Stepper based Routing System, but will also allow us to easily expand, and perform the following progressive steps as required !

Our overall intentions is to be able to perform the following from the one Breakout Board :

(a) Drive all three motor types : Steppers, DC Servo, and AC Servo configurations.
(b) Have the facilities to drive independently a total of either 3, 4, 5, or 6 Axes.
(c) Have direct control over a 0-24,000rpm Automatic Tool Changing Spindle with dedicated Frequency Inverter.
(d) Perform Automatic Tool Changing of up to 12 Tools.
(e) Automatic Tool Height Sensor.
(f) Be able to turn on Spray Mist, Z-Axis brake relay, Alarm lamp relay- Red/Green Lamps, Lube relay, Coolant relay, External cycle buttons Start/Stop, External feed-rate switch, External spindle speed switch, etc.
(g) MPG Pendants and External User Control Panel.
(h) Touch Probe for standard centre and edge detection, but also for reverse on screen digitizing of components to be engineered.
(i) Allow expansion of Inputs and Outputs etc.

Thank you !

With kindest regards.

Joe c/o GEM CNC Systems.

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