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General Mach Discussion / Help with Estimate Program Run Time
« on: May 26, 2011, 05:18:48 PM »
Hi I'm a newbie here.  I have a Taig CNC and Rhicam.  I set Feed Rate at 800mm/min with 10k RPM on Spindle.  
According on calculation on Rhino Cam, running time should 1 hour 28 min.  However, when I upload to Mach3 Estimate Program Run time is 6 hour 30min  instead.  
What is wrong here?

I'm new to Mach3.  I have a Taig machine with Gecko 540.  My Mach3 read Gcode z1 and Zaxis travel 10 mm instead of 1mm.
It also does the same for X and Y axis.  What have I don't wrong?  I tried to use scale it 0.1 solved problem but when I tried to upload Gcode then the scale is off 1.00 again. 

General Mach Discussion / Help With Mach3 Setting
« on: May 25, 2011, 06:05:15 PM »
I'm new to Mach3.  I'm need help.  When I typle z1on Gcode my ZAxis travel 10mm instead of 1mm.  It also does the same for X and Y axis. 

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