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General Mach Discussion / All stopped working after Mach3 upgrade, help!
« on: September 27, 2010, 05:20:01 PM »
My taig CNC mill has been working over a year.  i decided to upgrade Mach3 to the latest, tried the developer version: R3.043.022. The controller stopped responding, no xyz motors turn.  Tried to revert older one: R3.042.040 as well as R3.042.038 which I was using last.  Tried all kinds of uninstall/re-install/reboot, etc.  One time i did get to z-motor to turn, but not xy.  another time XY, but not Z.  Now back to R3.042.038, nothing works.

Mach3 DRO shows expected readings, but not the motors.  Tweaked the PLT port mode to other AT, PS2, EEP, ECP; Mach3 seems to work with only AT setting.

It seems like something to do with the parallel port setting...  I have XP Pro SP3 running on core2 1.8GHz.

Any idea?  I'm kinda stuck now.  Maybe re-installing XP...I hate Windows.

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