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Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 12, 2015, 02:20:23 PM »
In my case, params 02.00 and 02.01 depend on the "modbus control" led state when mach is closed, and I may have changed param 09.08 accidentally.

I live in Zagreb, Croatia, I'm self-employed computer programmer, and I really do not like to travel :D

I know how frustrating it can be... I have VFD noise issue... :)  People on this forum have been very kind to me, and I like to return that if I can.

Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 12, 2015, 04:44:49 AM »
VFD params export is attached. Default switch states are NPN and ACI (I never changed them), just like you have them on the picture.

I do not have heating in the workshop, and when temperatures are expected to go below -10*C, I disconnect VFD and take it home. I can't just disconnect rs232-rs485 converter because it's buried in the control box together with the PC and directly connected BOB covered with shielding plate, and all the cables have connectors that match control box case connectors...so I can only do tests in the workshop, and it's very cold these days.

Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 11, 2015, 12:55:51 PM »
I know this is a lot to ask. Is there a way you can use Delta's VDTools to read the parameters from your VFD and send me the file for comparison.
It's not a problem. I'll do that on Saturday or Sunday. Can you post a link where I can download the application ? In the meanwhile, here's the list of params I've changed (IIRC) from default to custom (mostly unrelated):
00.03=3, 00.05=60 (all unrelated)
01.00=400, 01.01=200, 01.09=1, 01.10=1 (all unrelated/not applicable)
02.00=0, 02.01=0, 02.04=1 (not applicable/related to digital keypad)
03.08=2 (unrelated)
09.01=3, 09.02=?, 09.04=6 (modbus settings)
As you can see, there's not much here...I wanted to change a lot more, but I could not get detailed info on params I was interested in.

I am using a Delta VFD-E. I have manual controls for VFD on/off,  Fwd/Off/Rev, Emergency stop. There are two switches set to ACI and PNP.
I thought that you're using digital keypad accessory like I am. I do not have any auxiliary inputs / external terminals connected (just RJ connector) and I have no experience with that wiring method or related params.
If you're using ext terminals for manual operation, then the values for p02.01 should be 1 or 2 for manual operation and 4 for RS485 control (0=digital keypad), check the manual for p02.00 settings too.

Once I close the comm port, I noticed the VFD sets to 0
How did you noticed that without digital keypad display ? By running vdtools app ?

I then got another laptop running 32 bit  and downloaded and installed Mach3 and setup the comm port to 4 and matched your settings for the baud rate. I set the VFD on p2.00 and p2.01 to 4 and 3.  The VFD keeps the settings and once "Run Modbus" or "Modbus Input/Output Support" is checked the VFD goes to 0. 
Notice that params go to 0, not to 1, which is the default value for those params, and which you should use since you're not using digital keypad. This means that something is setting those params to that value, and that it is not a fallback in case of error (actually, in case of error param value should not be changed).

It may be that we've missed some simple step in configuring mach for modbus since you experienced the same behavior with fresh install, or it can be related to the usage of external inputs and related VFD params (have you tried disconnecting them, backup/reset the vfd params and start from scratch ?). Have you also tried toggling RTS after changing the modbus address from 1 to 0 ? I'm using rs232 to rs485 converter http://www.ebay.com/itm/RS232-RS485-RS-232-to-RS-485-Converter-Port-Powered-/231331240225?hash=item35dc6a9921  (price went up x2.5 since I bought it) which does not need that option, but since you've mentioned port number 4, I presume you're using USB to rs485 converter, and I've read that people had issues with RTS and those converters.

Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 09, 2015, 09:52:05 PM »
It's a long shot, but try using modbus address 0 instead of 1 in brain terminator. It doesn't make sense, but I've just checked, and all my original brains use address 0.  I think that address "0" means that mach will "broadcast a message" to all modbus slaves, but there can also be missmatch between indexing systems, where one system uses "0" based indexes, and another "1" based indexes...

Mach 3 is launched with no brains enabled and VFD is set to P2.00 to 0 and P2.01 to 0
This is the key, it shows that something in mach is responsible.

Maybe before taking out all the params, you could try turning off "ModBus Run" option on "ModBus Configuration" screen and/or disabling "ModBus InputOutput Support" on "Ports and pins" screen. This would show if the modbus plugin is doing this or some other part of mach.

Before uninstalling, try a fresh install on another PC, if you have that option. When I got the VFD, I did all the serial modbus experiments with plain mach3 install on my notebook PC, just to figure how all this works, and then copied relevant settings to the shop PC.
If you do uninstall, be sure to backup your xml file and all the custom stuff.
I'm running Mach version R3.042.020.

Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:03:08 AM »
When i mention that I am locked out means that once Mach3 is running the commands at the VFD keypad stay locked at 2.01 = 0,  2.01 = 0. They can not be change with Mach3 3 running.  I can change them when testing Modbus but when I close the test they go back to 0.  I am wondering if  Mach3 or something else could be setting them to 0.
When i mention that I am locked out means that once Mach3 is running the commands at the VFD keypad stay locked at 2.01 = 0,  2.01 = 0. They can not be change with Mach3 3 running.  I can change them when testing Modbus but when I close the test they go back to 0.  I am wondering if  Mach3 or something else could be setting them to 0.
That's normal behavior if the brain is enabled. Try disabling the brain, change those params via modbus test feature and/or manually via VFD keypad while mach is running, and see if they change back. If they do not change back to 0, then it's the brain who is changing it back to 0. Prove that by enabling the brain and check the params again. If they do change back to 0 while the brain is disabled, then something else changes them - but that's highly unlikely.
Brain constantly(every 250ms in your case) writes 0 to p02.01 when the outputs1&2 are inactive, or 3 when either of those two outputs is active.

I've attached screenshots of my config - please compare to your settings. There are differences, but I'm not sure if they matter (eg. serial timeout, outputs active low settings, motor output-spindle enabled, spindle setup-motor control...)

When debugging, it's important to change only one thing at a time and reduce the number of variables to minimum.
You could test if you can change VFD param via modbus using brain: disable all brains, create and enable brain that uses some onscreen led as input and writes something to some VFD param, for example:
[input LED: 815 - softlimits on]->[no-operation]->[formula: a]->[modbus: MOD:1-P:4 (create cfg#4: address 776 - p03.08/fan control)]
clicking the softlimits button should change the value of fan control param. If that does not work, step back, and try it manually using serial modbus test feature.

Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 06, 2015, 02:51:15 AM »
Let's focus just on fwd/rev/stop.
While the brain that sets p02.01 is enabled, manually setting that param on VFD will not work, since as soon as you set it, the brain resets it. It will lock p02.01 to 0, while outputs1&2 are inactive.

When you say:
I then hit the spindle button on the screen and all MODBUS outputs registered correctly. Nothing turned on brain looks correct.
I'm not 100% sure I know what you mean. I'm not native English speaker, and my screenset is completely custom, so I'm not sure which button you mean, and how "nothing turned on" is correct. That's why I suggested using M3,M4 and M5 commands via MDI. If the button you're pressing is "Spindle CW F5" on standard screenset, brain view should show a change of output1 state and the outputs of modbus terminators should read MOD:1-P0: 18.0000 and MOD:1-P2: 3.0000
Please re-check that.

I found (but I may be wrong) that the order of brains doesn't matter if you're not using the output of first brain to feed the input of second brain, which output is used as part of the input of the first brain (some sort of state lock) - and that the results of that are not consistent/dependable on. You can look at the brain as switch, it just reacts to input states and holds the output state in regards to processing done on those input states (regardless of the input state, active or inactive). Same with the modbus, it's just a "virtual memory", like a table with cells that hold some value, either Mach or VFD can read/write into those cells.

To verify that there is no error in communication, please check the value of the VFD param 09.02 "Transmission fault treatment" - it defaults to 3 ("no warning"), so set it to 2 ("warn and coast to stop") - the error, if there's one, will be displayed on digital keypad. I've noticed that you have "Use RTS for transmit" enabled on serial modbus config screen. I'm using RS232 to RS485 converter that does not need that option enabled, you may try disabling it also.

I don't quite understand what you mean by:
I set to not use the reset and still locked out.
I presume that by "locked out" you mean that you can't change the p02.01 manualy, but what you mean by "to not use reset" ?

The only things that come to my mind in regards to Mach3 or VFD settings are that the outputs 1/2 may be used by some other Mach3 feature you have enabled (mine are configured as active, port 0, pin 0, active low), and the VFD param p02.01 is being set by some VFD input - config group 04.xx (I've never changed those, all are default)

Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 04, 2015, 06:13:41 AM »
The first brain I've uploaded, it writes decimal  18,34 or 1 to cfg#1 which is wrong #cfg if your serial modbus settings are the same as in screenshot you've posted earlier. "corrupted" brain did the same, and used cfg#3 to write p02.01 (not cfg#2 as I wrote). I've attached the corrected brain.
To perform test, first, manually set p02.01 to RS485, and then, using serial monitor,  write decimal values 18, 1, 34, 1  respectively to decimal address 8192 (2000H) to test if those values are correct. If that works as expected (spins forward, stop, spin backwards, stop), manually set p02.01 to 0 (digital keypad), and using serial modbus monitor, write decimal 3 to decimal address 513 (0201H). Manually check if the p02.01 value on VFD is correctly set to 3 (RS485). If that worked, perform first test again. If all good, check serial modbus configuration, disable all #cfg but cfg#0 and cfg#2, make sure that cfg#0 is set as in the screenshot you've attached(port1, address 8192, registers 1, output-holding), and that cfg#2 is set to the same values as cfg#7 in the screenshot I've attached (port1, address 513, registers 1, output-holding). Disable all brains but the one attached, view that brain. Outputs 1 & 2 should be inactive and modbus output for MOD:1-P:0 (address 8192) should be 1 (stop), and for MOD:1-P:2 (address 513) should be 0 (digital keypad). Enter M3 command in MDI. Modbus output MOD:1-P:0 should read 18, and MOD:1-P:2 should read 3, and spindle should run forward. If that works, check M5 and M4 commands. If any of these steps fail, it should point out where the problem is. Brains I'm using will probably not work out-of-the-box for you, since my screen set is totally customized...

Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 03, 2015, 04:08:40 AM »
I'm enabling/disabling VDF modbus control (p02.00 & p02.01) using button/led on screen via "enable spindle ctrl.brn", but you could do it when starting stopping. I've attached updated brain that uses serial modbus cfg#2 (you'll have to configure it as address 513, 1 register, output holding) to set p02.01 to 3 when starting, 0 when stopped.
I must say I've never had an issue with VFD resetting params on it's own - btw default value is 1, not 0, so either manually setting the p02.01 to 3 failed, or something changed it back to 0. Check that you do not have any other modbus related brains running that can interfere, and test manually using modbus serial control monitor.
Good luck!

Brains Development / Re: DELTA-E VFD MODBUS BRAIN Help Needed
« on: February 02, 2015, 06:52:05 PM »

I'm using Delta E series VFD via serial modbus, but I'm not using REV feature at all. I've attached "mbele_techie_vfd.brn" brain that should work for you (if I did binary conversion correctly :), but I have not tested it in real environment (and I will not have any means of testing it in the next few weeks).

I've also attached screenshot of my serial modbus config and various VFD related brains (zip) I'm using, that you may find useful.


Hi, just thought...

brain -> set user led
macropump: if user led set then do custom script;


brain -> do button
button on click: do custom script


brain -> do button
button on click: set flag
macropump: if flag set then do custom script
customscript: reset flag

sorry if that was obvious, or proven not to work...

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