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Post Processors / Re: Solidcam 2006 Rev10 to mach2-mach3 post pro
« on: April 08, 2011, 03:49:33 AM »
Hi Tony,

I use for Solidcam turning MACH30T.gpp and MACH30T.mac.
They are not made by me , but they work with Mach3  and my Emco5 cnc.

They work for me. I found these on the Internet somewhere.


Give it a try,

VB and the development of wizards / Re: Need help with Macro A-axis.
« on: March 07, 2011, 10:40:10 AM »
Thanks Scott,

I will give it a try.

What I wanted to do is first of all Home the A-axis (ATC optical pulse)
 then on call from the G-code , M6 T0404 for instance, select the tool called for.

I run into different problems;

A-axis is Angular > set
Rot 360 rollover > set
A Home input 13 low active.

After homing I want to turn the A-axis 60 degrees ( 6 tool positions)

The ATC turns alright but sometimes CW and sometimes CCW.
Sometimes 60 degrees but mostly turns a few times around.

Even the VB script editor plays up, stepping through a macro if OK, running it gives some errors even to the point that the system hangs up.

It is hard to get control,



VB and the development of wizards / Need help with Macro A-axis.
« on: March 04, 2011, 08:38:27 AM »
I am wrestling with the VB language to make a macro for turning a stepper on the A-axis.
Complete newbie to Visual Basic.

There is an optical sensor on the tool changer axis, one pulse per revolution.
I want first to home the tools to this optical pulse.

This is what I have;

'Input is an optical sensor for homing the ATC. 
'Get OEMLED ATC-Home. Check if ATC opto is lit.
'One pulse as a home reference generated by Emco5cnc ATC.   

While GetOEMLED(821) = False    
Call Rotate_1

Private Sub Rotate_1()
Code "G91"
Code "G00 A259" 
Code "G00 A-10"
Code "G90" 

End Sub 

any ideas please.


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Re: Need Help A-axis.
« on: February 26, 2011, 09:37:05 AM »

Yes Graham,
I was aware of that one, tried it but I only get syntax errors in VB Sript.

Thank you,

Hi Jos,

do a search on here for 'tool change macro' or something similar, you will find many versions but there is one on here for the emco.

I may be this one:-  http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,16685.0.html


VB and the development of wizards / Re: Emco Turn tool changer macro
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:19:04 AM »

I am also wrestling with a macro for my Emco5cnc tool turret.

I have some questions about the INPUT and OUTPUT statements.
What are they looking at?
I have an signal from an optical sensor on A-HOME , it lights yellow.
However it does not do anything under Mach3.

What stands for INPUT1, INPUT2, OUTPUT3 in the snip below???


If (OldTool = 0) Then
    While Not IsActive(INPUT2)
        ActivateSignal(OUTPUT3) ' rotate tool changer forward
    ' Input 2 must Now be active so the microswitch has been triggered
    CurrPos = 1
End If

If (CurrPos <> NewTool) Then
    While CurrPos <>  NewTool
        ActivateSignal(OUTPUT3) 'start rotating forward
        If Not IsActive(INPUT1) And Not IsActive(INPUT2) Then
            CurrPos = CurrPos +1
            If CurrPos = 7 Then
                CurrPos = 1
            End If
            If IsActive(INPUT2) Then
                CurrPos = 1
            End If
            If CurrPos = NewTool Then
                DeActivateSignal(OUTPUT3) 'stop rotating forward, rotate backward now
                CurrentTool = NewTool 'sets up the current tool variable as the start point for a future tool change
                Sleep(200) 'Allow a time interval for the toolchanger to settle back against the ratchet pawl

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Need Help A-axis.
« on: February 24, 2011, 09:10:24 AM »
Hello all,

I am new to this forum and need some help in setting up the A-axis for driving a tool turret on my Emco5cnc lathe.
The turret has a new stepper motor and an optical 1 slot detector.
The turret will turn if I give out the G-code ; g00 a60 .
It should go 60 degrees, sometimes it does this and most times not it will turn forever.

The zero slot lights up in A-home in the diag screen.
What does Mach3 do with the A-home light?
I want to use a code or macro so that the turret turns around to the zero pulse output by the optical slot.
Then turn as many degrees as needed by the tool # input. I.E. 3 = 180 degrees.

The turret is a 6 position, the stepper needs to go forward to the position indicated and reverse back a little to the stop pawl.

Any advice is very welcome.


Jos Raven

Hello All,

I ran into the same fault codes yesterday.

I managed to generate a G-code with Solidcam after many, many tries.
First I had to find a solution for two fault messages from Solidcam itself. Thanks to CNCzone.com.

As a first solution I deleted the offending lines and Mach3 produced my simple design on my Emco Compact5 CNC lathe.

That worked.
I also encountered the long distance that the tools is set . G0 x150 z200.
Why Sc does this I do not know.
Also the Feed is set at F0.3 , way too slow and I changed that to F100. Exactly fine for my little lathe.

So, there is some more fiddling to be done with Solidcam.

Thanks for all the info.


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