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yes mach 3 is up and running As a personal habit I open both programs when I start working the minimize them when not in use.and I have always used direct to machine
Is there a better ,simpler or faster way?

I create a file in v-crave. then save the tool path.output all visible files is selected. Post processor is mach2/3 atc arcs inches txt,
output direct to machine is selected. driver mach. The select save toolpaths to file. I get a v-crave window to pop up that says Failed to find data on installed version of mach select ok and a new window pops up saying failed to find running instance of mach select ok then I open mach program go to load g- code and my file is there as a temporary file. I have tried running the file with the router turned of and raised above the work surface and it seems to work


I have Mach 3 and VCarve pro. I recently had to change my computer and I am having a slight problem with VCarve sending the files to Mach 3. On my old computer I had everything working fine, but when I try to send the file from VCarve to Mach 3, it says that it cannot find it.

Mach 3 works fine, I can move the machine and I can manually put in a file and run it. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem before.

I have already called VCarve and they made sure my settings are correct and then said it must be something with Mach 3.

Thank you

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