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Hey Fernando,

We are ordering whole bunch of motors and drivers today and hopefully we can make a simple app using Mach3 and CUBLOC,
I will update you on the results.

Max :)

 Oh thanks dude!

Here's some simple instructions on basic modbus communications with Mach3 software:

(We will have some updates with touchscreen too once we figure out how to use the Mach3 software)


Hi there,
I just got a sample Mach3 program from Art and I have been testing with CUBLOC modules.
They work fine with the Modbus protocol.
I got it working under "Setup Modbus Control" but I am not sure where the inputs or outputs of the Modbus shows up.
It's running in the background though fine without errors with this minimal code in CUBLOC which set the CUBLOC to Modbus RTU Slave mode:

Const Device = CB280

Opencom 1,115200,3,80,80
Set Modbus 1,1,20

   Delay 1000
   Delay 1000

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