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General Mach Discussion / Help needed, old user, new program....
« on: August 14, 2010, 01:58:23 PM »
Greetings all, I had run Mach back in 06-09. I moved mt shop and recently set up my machine again. Unfortunately, my computer I drive the milling machine with will not start up. Artsoft was kind enough to look up my purchase history and provided me with a copy of the new Mach3 but it looks different from what I was using. I cannot get anything to work either, of course. What I have is this, a sherline 3 axis milling machine with Japan Servo Stepper motors, KP56LM@-097, a Hobby CNC 3 axis board and of course, Mach3. I would appreciate any help you guys can provide. MAn, I remember running all of this stuff just a couple years ago but I guess this is what happens with age. Thanks..


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