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OK, here are a few bits of info on the table, like i said this is my first design so I wanted to be able to buy everything 'off the shelf' so it is easy to get parts. First of all the frame is 3" x 3" x 1/8" steel tube, I used 1" x 1" x 1/8" angle for the slat supports and the slats are 3" x 1/8" flat steel (cheap to replace). The table is 5' y (gantry) and 6' x inside measurements, gives me plenty of room for a 4' x 4' sheet. I squared and trued the table. The linear slides are from www.igus.com Drylin T for the x axis and Drylin W for the y and z axis, those are the most expensive parts for the machine. I used a fixed slide on the motor side and a floating slide for the other side, per the igus rep. I then used 1/2 plywood to 'mock' up the gantry sides to get all the placements right then machined then out of 12" x 12" x 1/2" steel and welded them to the gantry crossmember which is 2" x 6" x 1/8" steel. All the motors (2 - RHT34-740 oz/in (x and y) and 1 RHT34-425 oz/in for the z), Gecko g201 controllers, and all the power supply parts i ordered from www.homeshopcnc.com. The drive belts and pulleys and misc bearings are all from McMaster-Carr (www.mcmaster.com). Like i said this is my first attempt so I hope it works out, if not there is always rework!!! Hope I didn't miss anything, if so just let me know. Hope to have it cutting this weekend. All said and done, I should have about $2500-$2800 into it, that includes a cheap computer I got at Wal-Mart, didn't want anything fancy, I also Powdercoat and I get dust ALL over!! When it is all done I get to tear it all apart and Powdercoat the whole thing, gonna be hard to do when it is working :( Well, thanks for listening to me ramble, hope this is good info for anyone who in interested in a cheap table.

Well, as far as plans go I just built it using the plans in my head, I can get some info up on what i used for parts. This is my first attempt at a cnc machine, I have zero experience. Brett, what would u suggest instead of a chain, it is adjustable  but I do notice a little backlash but it is very minimal right now, I expect more as everything 'wears in'. I have put a pencil in it and it will draw at a pretty close tolerance, more then I need for the application I plan on using it for. It is going to be used mostly for signs. Thanks for the input, keep it coming.

Thanks ynneb,
I dont plan on putting a router in it but I built it heavy enough so I can upgrade to that if and probably when I decide to. For right now it should move the plasma torch fine but i will find out shortly, it is a 750 oz stepper on both x and y stages and a 425 for the z. Thanks again for the input.

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Here is my plasma machine I am working on.
« on: January 22, 2007, 11:18:04 PM »
Hey guys,
Here are a few pics of the plasma table I am working on, should have the z stage done tomorrow and the plasma torch this weekend. Am planning on the campbell thc once I get all the bugs worked out. Feel free to make comments and suggestions.

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