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    this is G68 R30, and Local System Rotated 30 (as example) on page MDI Alt2 of the Mill screens.

     this is G70 for inches, and Inches on page Settings Alt6.  (0. would be G71 metric).

     this is G91 for incremental Distance Mode  (0. would be G90 metric)

Did you know that the status monitor sometimes displays just one abnormality, even if there are three. If rotation is corrected, it displays the remaining two at once.


When we never double-clicked the "Normal Condition" button, or did the "Set Normal Condition" menu item, the <Normals>..</Normals> tag is absent.

And not clear to me: Axis0~Axis6,Distance,System,Rotation.


You are right, De-Ref Axes, available on the MDI page, can cause abnormal condition. When axes are refed again, the abnormal condition clears. The Stop button doesn't do (does not de-ref, but it could conceivably trigger IJ or CV abnormal conditions). E-Stop (emulated with hotkey) doesn't cause abnormal condition. Z-- (emulated with hotkey) causes abnormal condition.

Thanks for all the help!



1) what else, short of running into a limit switch, could make the axes "dereferenced" (dereferenced means, Mach3 changes an axis state into boolean state "position not referenced"? (except modifying settings in Configuration->Ports and Pins->Input Signals).

Verbal definition: "Derefed axis" = axis coordinate value not related to home. Mach3 has a presupposed boolean state "axis X/Y/Z/A coordinate value is referenced to home". Or home switch signals available/not available state.

2) I it is probably more safe to verify the presumed behaviour of the conditions monitor on the X or Y axes? I.e. on purpose running into a limit switch and see how Mach3 reacts.  It seems, that the conditions monitor evaluates its checks in idle mode, when not running G-Code.


Afraid I have no real idea how it works, it seems to often have a mind of its own and I long since removed it from my screensets so I am not troubled with it flashing away at me :)


1) I found the following link here in this forum that explains monitoring:

A new condition monitor has been placed on the main screen. It will not
activate any monitoring until set.

To set your "abnormal condition" monitor. You need to have your machine in the
state you consider most normal. This is in terms of the status of various things
like "are the axis homed?", "Is the unit OffLine or online?", "is it set to mm's
or inches?"," Is IJ Mode incremntal or abs"...etc..
(Excerpt only)

2) messages  "IJ Mode is Incremental", "Exact Mode vs. CV mode" are quite clear.

3) Message "Axis not Refed" is more troublesome. Refed means, by retroinspection, "Homed", or "Home-referenced", that is the home position is known. My english is unsure.
Running into a limit switch looses the "Refed" or Referenced property. Mach3 doesn't even care that the position is at the wrong end of the Z range. It sees the switch not during the Reference operation and cancels the well-positioning state.

4) actually most askers with "Abnormal condition" in this forum did tell a problem. As we do have. Next step in the drama is: the "Abnormal Condition" LED attracts attention and masks the real problem. Therefore the operator just reports "Abnormal condition", and does not think about his faulty G-Code program.

I'm quite sure that our operator ran into the lower Z soft limit, therefore disabled soft limit to FIX it, ran into the lower Z switch, lowered the Z soft limit to FIX this, and still tried to mill below ground zero.  ;D  . Now I (the IT man) do have to repair the Abnormal Condition, and the operator does not have to repair its faulty milling.  ;D   ;D  


sorry for adding this fifth point 5) the indicator seems sticky, it does not simply go green when I simply correct the condition (I re-enabled the Home X Y Z signals in 3) above) ?

Abnormal warning is in my opinion a pain in the arse and just frightens people. All it is doing is informing you that things are different from your default settings and 99.999% of the time it doesnt matter. The only way to stop it is either click on it and tell it ok or remove it from your screenset all together.

1) When I understand right, the "Conditions Are Abnormal" LED is just an indicator (technically an output signal OEM LED #166), and it doesn't stop Mach3.

2) You give somewhere an example that it checks IJ setting. This raises the question, when does Mach3 check Condtions? (because IJ mode can be anything during a G-Code run, obviously).

3) We have "Axis are not Refed to Normal Condition..". What is checked by this? (I provoked by disabling X Home, Y Home, Z Home signals, on my offsite offline test system)

4) It is known to me that our Z soft limits are from +2 to -275, and Z Home is at +5. This makes a travel of 280. But the machine has at most 275. It could therefore run into the lower switch, which triggers Z Home, Z++ and Z--, they are all the same signal. Question: does this trigger "Abnormal Condition"? (Please take the erroneous values as given, currently beyond my control, as I am the IT setup man.)

modified for orthography.

What is the meaning of Screen4, A scrolling Screen Designer, unzip to the Mach3 folder.

- should there be a folder Mach3\Screen4, or should the contents of Screen4 folder go directly into Mach3?
- is there any interaction, perhaps a menu command within Mach3, that opens Screen4?

I already tried with a folder Mach3\Screen4, but nothing happens. I hesitate to put Screen4 directly into Mach3.

The ReadMe of Screen4 contains Copy all 4 files to your Mach3 folder.., but Screen4 contains three .txt files, and four .bmp files.

- which 4 files are intended? or all 7 mentioned files? and will these files actually go into Mach3 or into Screen4?

I did not expect them to be available under the heading "screen sets" exclusively, please accept my apologies.

I was away for a very long time from this forum, from Mach3 and CNC, and there used to be three screen designers.
It seems I was using a mixture of Screen4 and MachScreenV1.39, MachScreenV1.40.
Please tell me the state of
Mach3Screen? (last known to me of september 17, 2005)
Screen4? (last known to me of  january 11, 2008)
Where are they available from, or perhaps built-in if at all, or declared dead.

Mach3 I am at level R3.042.038 R3.042.040.

The documentation I am aware of is still around, at http://www.machsupport.com/Mach3Wiki

I'm aware that MachScreen is alive, and is currently at state MachScreenV1.59c. And button script editing operations can be done in Mach3.



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