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Searching this forum, I found one reference to this system.


Looks interesting, but read nothing on Mach3 usage.

Anyone have experience with this system?

Thanks for any insight.

General Mach Discussion / I have a Strange Issue that just started
« on: July 12, 2010, 06:18:42 PM »
I can jog with the arrow keys & Joystick fine but when I run a program it acts like it steps at .180" at a time.
Also acts like the communication between the ModIO and Mach has some sort of 2 second time delay.
Press a button and wait for it to respond.

Anyone seen this before?

General Mach Discussion / Issue with 3.043.006
« on: July 06, 2010, 07:54:41 AM »
I tried R3.043.006 but have an issue with it not running a VB script correctly so I attempted to go back to R3.042.040 that runs the Script fine. Now when I press cycle start, the DRO change but the axis's won't move. I believe it has something to do with the Port driver upgrade to the 006 version and then back to 040.

I tried installing the 040 with its port driver when I went back. I assumed it would overwrite any needed files. I did try to shut the computer down and restart, but still no movement with a cycle start. Homes out fine!
Had to go back to 006 to finish the job.

The VB script is just a display of a calculation of the percent done on the Gcode file, so its nothing special.

I'm at a loss  ???
Thanks for any help

Been learning to use Mach3 and my Router with some Logos I recreated. Now I am hooked on finding spalding maple, wavy patterns & curly burl. Every wood pile I pass I stop and ask if I can look for unique grain and knots. Meeting some real characters. I'm sure that's what they say about me too.  ;D

Machscreen Screen Designer / JogBall Issues
« on: May 18, 2010, 02:34:41 PM »
I've done a search but found nothing on this topic. So I beg for assistance. :'(

I have found a Jogball screen that I copied and pasted into a screen for my set.
The Issue is I have one jogball that gives me a B & A but I can not see how to set it to B & C.
The only options I have are XYZ not sure how someone created a B & A Jogball. I like it but I really need B & C.
Whats the secret please.

By the way; I do love MachScreen... Thank You Klaus
keeps getting better with every release.
Thanks for any guidance on this feature.

One more thing is there a limit on screen physical size (MB) and how mach3 preforms?

Brains Development / Using Timers to create a second button feature
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:18:53 PM »
I've been doing some testing of the use of writing brain routines. Came across this nice feature I use, thought I'd pass it on to others.

By using a one shot timer, an input can be used to trigger another event. I show the use of four here. But I really like the ability to use the MPG Mode cycle button as a hidden feature behind the G90/G91 button. Holding down the button for a full second, steps the mode button one time. A press of less than one second toggles the G90/G91 mode back. Note: I use LEDs to see status's of several conditions.
Just a way to get a little more use out of limited space on a Teach Pendant, Good luck and have fun.

I'm still learning about brains, finding some bugs, and lots of limitations, but that's how you learn to use tools.

Brains Development / formulas in brains
« on: May 03, 2010, 03:30:49 PM »
Attempting to write a "brain formula" that uses variables.
By swinging a rotary b & c axis head.

Something like the following:
v0=userdro(1198) 'C axis Swing Radius user inputted
v1=userdro(1199) 'B axis Swing radius tool holder face position
v3=v0-((cos(c/180*3.1416)*v0) 'calculate the cosine of the C axis angle
v4=(sin(c/180*3.1416)*-v0 'calculate the sine of C
v5=Y Position 'get the current position
v6=X Position
v7=Z Position
v8=v3+v5 'compute for new position
Y Position = v8 'update the dro to the new position
X position = v9
??? 'Now drive to location

I can calculate the positions and pass them the the X and Y positions. The
screen shows the computed value after I move C axis. Seems like I could do this
in all one swing move.
Could someone pass along a reference document how these variables & formulas
I can create a calculated value but cant seem to add or pass them back.
And what correlation is there to Mach3 variables?
DRO(801)=v? or y?
a b c etc... not sure if they are axis's or variables.
Seems like both.
As fast as the brains run they should be able to update positions in real time.
I looked at formulas under Functions Config but they dont seem to do anymore
than let me test the calculations. I am running 3.42.40

My lack of gray matter as I get older. :'(
Thanks for any guidance.

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