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General Mach Discussion / problem mach3 nide help
« on: October 28, 2010, 07:27:06 AM »
hi sorry for my english write it as best I can , the problem that i have .My mill is working worng what happend when it start working with it some times it works good for about a hour some times for 2 hours
and then it starts breaking parts , some times the scream on my monitors freezes and the mill lost its direction, But if i restert the PC it works ok but i need to restert PC every time when im changing the g code . i have  2 cnc and 2 gecko driver  g540 PC 1 it is from dell 3.4ghz memory ram 1g secend PC is from ibm 3.0ghz and 1g of ram I found the forum replies that it may be AntiVirus , but I threw AntiVirus i chicking the steppers moters it is working ok motor doesnt lose its stepp
 can u help me what can be the problem   help me please

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