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If I may suggest something, I'd love to see the new Tool DRO, Brian implemented for Turn, being added to it. This OEM DRO 246 and it shows current tool and current offset in the format xxyy. Adding a 'T' in the formatting string makes it look even better: Txxyy.

I have a good idea on this. How about I give you the option of what DRO to use for the"CURRENT TOOL" display at the top? Basically a radio button selection for the old style DRO or the new one on the settings screen tab.

Also, as I have a servo motor on my spindle and do (kind of) rigid tapping and indexing I would like to see a rotary axis DRO as suggested above by Rich.

I would love to hear more about this I was thinking about creating a tapping wizard for the IPS system for people with this ability.

As for the rotary axis DRO... I may create a duplicate screen when I got this finished with 3rd axis support.

Unfortunately no provision is made for using an A axis ( but i quess I am only one of the wierd ones that seem to desire it).

I think you mean C axis (A rotates around X  :  B rotates around Y : C rotates around Z)
All Turning Center spindle orientations are using C axis that I have programmed.

On my Haas tool room lathe the "A" axis is a 4 position turret. Thats about the only place I have seen "A" on a lathe.

Re: your earlier dry run question. How about in your "offline" button script, just do a "code G0" etc. to your stored positions (before you actually go back online obviously). I guess there's checks and stuff to do but I'll leave you to think about those  ;)

Kinda the same direction I am going. So many checks and balances to make sure everything works the way it should without problems. Lots of out of the box thinking going on with this.

Here is the cycle screen. You will notice no more MPG feed% and no more button feed %. I have created a table that sets them to the correct values based on the step you select. This table is fully editable in the general settings screen. This really improves the jog buttons and smooths out the MPG drastically. The customization allows you to tune this to your preference and machine specs. This simplifies jogging down to a single touch. You can also switch on the fly between MPG and jog buttons. The "glow" on the buttons signifies they are selected. Everything is a single button operation. I would love to hear some feedback on the layout.


OK, I am gonna need a couple of alpha testers on this soon to make sure all the bugs are worked out. I already have a few but want a few more.  This is very roughed out at this point and may (most likely) have many bugs that need to be fixed. I am looking for people that are able to actually write or at least alter G-code by hand. They should have a lathe that is able to be homed with home switches. They should be familiar with the offset system on the lathe and able to setup and use multiple tools. Like I say it is at a early alpha stage at this point. Anyone that is part of testing on this will get a free final copy.

If you have interest in testing this and meat the qualifications listed above. Please send me an email at xgenmods@gmail.com with the specifications of the hardware you will be using such as but not limited to...

Mach version?
Have Touch screen?
Native screen resolution?
Have a MPG?
Lathe size?
How is your spindle speed controlled? (Mach or manual? Looking for people with VFD or servo controlled spindles)
Is your spindle capable of RPM feedback? (Index signal)
Spindle capable of forward / reverse?
Turret? If so number or tools?
Using carbide index-able tooling?
Do u use machine activated coolant? (If so flood or mist? Or both?)


General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach3 4.0 Rev Update
« on: August 23, 2011, 06:25:56 AM »
Please be genital if this has been beat like a dead horse.

freudian slip or ? Sorry, this thread brings out the humor in all of us  ;)

genital... LMAO... didn't catch that one... stupid auto correct!!!  ;D  I guess it could have just translated it to "don't be a d**k about it"  :D  Man that's funny!  OK I need sleep now... deprivation is getting to me.  :o

You will have to be careful if you make part of the dry run a return t machine zero, better pop up a big warning box informing people this is about to happen

Every single movement from a button or option gives you a warning describing the movement and the ability to say ok or cancel. Safety is priority with this project.

I guess the only logical way to do dry run is to force it to go to machine zero before entering dry run mode so that I can reset zero or just re-home it. Try to add as many features to this as I can. Make it familiar for someone who has run the real deal. I hardly ever use dry run but I know people who rely on it.

SetOEMDRO (83) and SetOEMDRO (85) dont work at all for me. Is there another way to set these? Heard that you can push the encoder DRO to these but that one wont take a change either.  ???


It does turn off the machine and dry run like I want. The problem is when you take it out of the offline condition the machine cord DROs are not put back to where they were. There are off by whatever the program you ran in offline mode. The only way around this is to rehome the machine. You understand what I am talking about? Basically machine zero isnt machine zero after running something in offline mode. Got any ideas?


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