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I am trying to auto regen the cycle screen when its selected because mach wont update the g-code nor the tool display. The issue is it isnt smart enough not to do it if its already running a program and really screws things up. To fix this I figured I would check the run, tool change and feed hold LEDS to see if they are active and if so bypass the regen. Well I can get everything but the run LED to work reliably. I am stumped because it works just fine if I test it with "edit button script" Maybe there is a better way? Here is my code... the commented out stuff I have tried as well.

Code: [Select]
'Change to page 6
DoOEMButton (6)

'Tool change LED
If GetLED (6) Then
Exit Sub
End If

'Check if its moving
'While IsMoving()
'Exit Sub

'Old Run LED
'If GetLED (4) Then
'Exit Sub
'End If

'Run LED
If GetLED (804) Then
Exit Sub
End If

'Feed Hold LED
If GetOEMLED (111) Then
Exit Sub
End If

DoOEMButton (160)

General Mach Discussion / Re: Turn cutter comp work?
« on: August 28, 2011, 03:22:35 AM »
I think I got the the math figured out so far... gonna give it a shot :)

General Mach Discussion / Re: Turn cutter comp work?
« on: August 28, 2011, 02:57:05 AM »
Well after searching the forums it looks like this still hasn't been fixed?  Maybe I am wrong? Maybe someone else can confirm this? If it is indeed screwed up still I will be removing the option from my screen set. Might see if I can figure out the math on this for the wizards. Anyone have any equations?

General Mach Discussion / Turn cutter comp work?
« on: August 28, 2011, 12:57:48 AM »
Anyone know if cutter compensation (tip radius) works in turn? This is G40 - G42. If so maybe someone could give me an example because the fanuc code I have used doesn't appear to activate it. ???


Thanks for the into Dave.

I still am giving people the option but I am also using this check to display a message saying that the new DRO is not available in this version of mach if the version is lower than required. It will then not allow that option to be used. Trying to make this as intuitive as I can.

not sure what you mean i found this version number in the help section for the software

Not sure what you referring too? If its based on Dan's post above yours. We are talking about the Mach version when DRO 246 was introduced.

Sorry cannot see the M01 where bouts is it located on the screen?

Ahh... I thought you meant the stop button. No you are correct that isn't on the screen. But it will be now :)

Keep um coming guys.... this is what turn a good screen into a great one. :)


I have been flooded with emails requesting testing. Yours however since it is in a shop work environment especially interests me. Yes please shoot me an email with the specs and I will add you in. Testing should start sometime next week if all goes well.


Selecting which DRO you'd like to see is fine I think. Don't know though why would someone want the old type DRO - it's either you use the tool table in Mach or not, and if you do you then you have an offset for each tool.

I can think of a couple reasons... What if you don't want to upgrade versions or the latest has an issue with your setup? Say you don't change the standard tool number = offset for tool method and just want a quick way to visualize what tool your on? Anyways its now an option (simple check box for "Use new tool offset display") and it has been added. I also added the "T" in front of the tool info no matter what option you choose to display.

What was the first version to include this new DRO so I can make sure I add a note on the screen option setting?

Nice work!
I have noticed that an optional stop button is not available.
This would be nice as well with a indicator led to indicate that it is activated.

Look at the last screen shot of cycle I posted... its there.

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