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Share Your GCode / Re: Post for Mach3
« on: March 28, 2012, 07:00:13 PM »
Mpfan is a generic post for Mastercam.  If you purchased Mastercam you should have no problem getting a post from your dealer.

Sorry guys I run a business. This isnt what pays the bills. Its more less a hobby. I have also been dealing with family health issues. I have had very little time. I decided not to release/sell it until I have time to finish documentation so I don't get bombarded by questions I dont have time to answer.  I am one person and am spread way too thin. I can say things have been done and it is closer but I hate to give dates and miss them.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Turn Drill Wizard
« on: February 26, 2012, 04:23:06 AM »
I wrote that wizard a while back. You are the first I have heard having an issue with it. I even did all the G-code in long hand so it should work on just about anything. Must be something with your installation.


Please guys if you have any questions or would like to purchase the screenset please send you emails to machipslathe@gmail.com. My PM box keeps filling up and its getting hard to keep track of emails.

Some questions I keep getting asked are...

Q)Does it support touch screen?

Q) When will this version be released?
A) 2/1/2012 as long as everything goes as planned.

Q)What will this version cost?
A)It will be $40 for the new screen with 3 IPS wizards.

Q)Is there an installer?

Q)What resolution was this screen designed for?

Q)Do all the tabs work?
A)Yes however you are limited in IPS to OD Turn, OD Threading and Facing

Q) does this replace the original lathe screen or is it a wizard?
A)Replaces the original lathe screen.

Q)Can I still use all the current wizards?

Q) Will it work with a custom turret macro?
A)Yes it allows you to use any macro you want for the tool change function.

Thanks guys,

I will be selling the screenset with a few common IPS wizards (OD Turn, Face, OD Threading) The IPS wizards are basically going to be free and a taste of whats coming.  I cant really reveal any more information at this time but it will be even better than it currently is. :) Selling this now is for those who cant wait and really want the screen. I cant tell you how many emails I get asking when this will be ready. You can still run all standard wizards with the screen. This will give you a professional look.

Guys I have not dropped the ball on this. Just been very very busy. I am in talks with Andrew at Machmotion on this. I have been thinking about releasing the screen itself for a small fee because I have has so many requests its overwhelming.

Guys I have been hesitant to release anything as I just don't have the time for support. Been dealing with family health problems.  My brother (age 32) may have cancer and its been consuming most of my mental capacity. I have it ready just no way to support it.

For the parts counter you (I think) can use Fanuc style parts counting macros in the g-code. I will run some tests and post results. The "Loop" DRO would become the parts counter.

Full elapse time I really cant do in a standard screenset. Timing issues would be a big problem. Flash would take care of that but it would be far off if I decide to go into doing a flash screen.

Wizards (IPS) are not done yet. Very time consuming. They also need to be thoroughly tested. I will be releasing a screen without them first. I will have an upgrade path for people who want the IPS system when its available.  More than half of them are complete.

Thanks Dan :)

Just a quick update. I know I said I was releasing this on Monday. I decided to add a few more things as well as I found a couple of bugs. I want it the best it can be before releasing this into the wild. Hope you guys understand.

I added a full diagnostics page. I also added full axis calibration that works like the one mill versions have had. Basically you tell it how far to move and then how far it moved (measured) and it with set your units. Each axis is independent. This should really help people with setup.

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