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I see no reason for you to start from scratch. You should download my screen I posted recently and run with it. Everything but the full IPS system is done and working. I am sure you could build on that and only make it better. :)

On a side note for others venturing into using a lathe on Mach3. I think someone needs to maintain a bug list so that others don't go down the same road I did. The lathe side is kinda the bastard child and has so many issues I am amazed people don't look at other options. Anyways just my 2 cents, take it for what its worth.

Best of luck,

Scott.. did you see post #169? That should be a good start. :)

Just a bit of info. This installer should work perfectly if you want to have a look at the screen. Just install it and then in the mach3 loader select the "Mach3 IPS Turn" profile. The included macro files are only needed if you need to modify the screen set.  As far as i remember the screen itself works perfectly however the IPS stuff needed to be finished. If anyone needs to contact me (or buy me a beer (paypal) for my work  ;D) you can do so at xgenmods@gmail.com. Hope others find a use for this as I put many hours into it. I wish Mach3 was a bit better on the lathe side to keep me here but I don't see that happening anytime soon.


They were most likely never fully removed and just used as placeholders. Never the less here they are...

Not sure if there is still interest in this project or not since Mach4 is right around the corner (then again it was in 2011 as well)? I have moved on to LinuxCNC for good so completing this screenset on my watch is not gonna happen. I still get many emails and private messages asking about this so I figure the best way to handle it is to release it into the wild "as is" for others to build off of. All I ask is you attach my name to the credits if you re-release it, it to be kept public domain (do not charge for my work) and finally if you do make something of it please drop me a line on your progress.  I am attaching the last installer I made as well as all the decrypted scripts. 

-Wes Treihaft

Works in progress / Re: THE LATHE PROJECT - 2011
« on: July 07, 2013, 10:49:56 PM »
Guys, sorry it took this long to get back to you. I am sorry to say this project has ended for me for now. I have moved on to LinuxCNC as Mach3 proved to be way to dangerous for use with a industrial lathe. Scott please don't let me stop you from continuing your work.

Well here is the issue at hand. I was hoping to make a little $ for the massive amount of time I put into this. To be honest I thought about just releasing it as a screenset for a few bucks without the IPS system as it is for the most part done. Instead of going this route maybe I will just post all the files here and let others continue the project on the fact that if they like it and feel it was worth something they could send me some beer $ :)  as well as post the updates they have made. I really wish I had the time to finish it but I just don't see that happening any time soon. My inbox fills up constantly with questions on this project and I feel its a waste to just let it sit since there seams to be allot of interest. Let me know your thoughts.

Sorry guys been too swamped to even mess with this stuff. Anyone here able to write macros and such that they would like to continue the project as a joint effort? All the building blocks are in place and I feel all the framework is in place. I am just way too time limited to do this on my own. I was hoping to get some time to work on this but hobbies have to take a back seat to putting food on the table.  Please let me know those of you who might be interested.

Well if there is still interest then I will pick the project back up. Anyone know what it would take to become a beta tester for Mach4? I really would like to make this work on future versions as well. As far as the health issues. That was my brother. He was diagnosed with cancer and I am happy to say they tell him he is cured. :)

Well its alive on my lathe. My kid loves it. Due to the fact that I don't have access to the mach4 (and I hear everything will be changing) beta program nor much interest I stopped working on it.

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