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General Mach Discussion / mach3 support G43.4 g-code or not
« on: April 07, 2021, 06:59:12 AM »
Hello the professional in mach3 software,
I need some help , I use NX CAM to generate G-code but NX CAM show G43.4 same as Fanuc but it seems mach3 unknown G43.4 
Mach3 know G43 only , How to do if need mach3 run with G43.4 ? Pls advise me.


Hello All,
I have some problem with mach3 software with license. I have the big files of G-code more than 1800000 lines.
 I have run with mach3 software  for a long time. After midnight, I will go to sleep. I stop the mach3 and remember the G-code line for  next running on tomorrow. the remembered line show 1075000 lines before stop. Tomorrow , I use Run From Here at the line at 1070000 but Mach3 show only begin at the line 1000000. Not 1070000. What happen ? I can not begin at the line 1070000. How to solve this problem ?

Dear All,
I need some help. I  have some problem with some customer. Some customer order our machine ( use mach3 software )  and he need  to trial the machine about 30 days before payment.
 After 30 days , he don't pay money as the sign contract. I am thinking that mach3 have the macro to help this problem or not. Example , after 30 days , the mach3 software can be built the expired date or mach3 software can not be opened after 30 days. To protect the bad person that he don't pay money.

I need the help. Right now I have two spindle on Z- axis. If I fill MDI on mach3 screen with M03,two spindles will rotate simultaneously.
I  want to control two spindles independently. I don't know how to write macro.
I mean if I write M101,the A spindle will rotate but the B spindle will not.
           If I write M102,the B spindle will rotate but the A spindle will not.

Pls advise me how to write VB macro


General Mach Discussion / Go Home or Go to zero, How to set up ?
« on: August 08, 2011, 06:00:56 AM »
Hello Experter,
 I need the help. I  want to set up Go to zero or Go home per my requirement. Normally, If I run machine to some positions and then I  stop / press Go to zero or Go home. X and Y DRO's will go to zero simultaneously.  My requirement is if I run machine and  I stop/ press Go to zero or Go home, X DRO's will go to zero firstly and then Y DRO's will go to zero later. How to set up ?


   Hi Experters,
   I have some problem on spindle motor and the torch of plasma machine.
   I know the macro command of spindle is m03 " CW running" and m05 " stop running".
   I know the macro command of torch fire is same as spindle command ---> m03 is fire and m05 is stop fire.
   I have both spindle motor and the torch of plasma machine on Z- axis.
   If I write m03 on MDI page, the spindle motor will rotate and the torch fire also.
   Is it possible to separate command ?
    If I write m03 on MDI page, the spindle motor can rotate but the torch can not fire.
Or If I write mxx on MDI page, the spindle motor can not rotate but the torch can fire.

   How to write the command of macro ?
   Pls help

   Dear Sir,
   I need the help, I know the spindle need the M command to rotate.
   M03 to rotate forward , M04 to rotate rev and M05 to stop.
   But I am building CNC plasma machine with both spindle and the machine torch of plasma on one Z-axis
   I know M03 is the command to open the fire torch and M05 is the command to close the torch fire also.
   Is it possible to use the other Mxx command to operate the spindle ?
    I don't want to use M03 and M05 both the spindle and the torch fire. I want to separate.
   How to set up ? Pls advise.


  Hi All,
 I need the help. I try to control air-solenoid valve (3/2) with mach3. I use solenoid valve 220 VAC and use the solid states relay to turn on/off solenoid.
I know the signal of mach3 is 5VDC and I set output on ports and pins  to pin16. My questions,
 How to mach3 will know and control  g-code  to turn on/off this solenoid valve ?


General Mach Discussion / How to see DRO A-axis on mach screen ?
« on: March 10, 2011, 03:01:48 AM »
 Dear Sir,
  I need the help.  I can see  DRO's of X,Y and Z-axis on mach screen by now.
 I want to use the A-axis and need it to show DRO's of A-axis on mach screen. How to set up ?

 Hope your help

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