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I see the "testcount = testcount + 1" at the top of the PLC.
However nothing displays when I start Mach4 with that Label?
Have you tested it?

If testcount ==2 then
Where does the PLC know that testcount =2?

If I only have
local cvMode = mc.mcProfileGetString(inst, 'CVFeedrate', 'CVMode', 'G64')
scr.SetProperty('lblCVMode', 'Label', cvMode)
Nothing displays.

"or just remove for the lbl to const update"  where is this done?

It must be Sunday that is why I do not get it.

I added a Static Label called "lblCVMode" and loaded the other two line into Screen Load Script, restarted Mach4, but nothing displays?

Do I require to have anything in Label Code or Registry of the Static Label?


Need more help please.
Where do you put "cvMode = mc.mcProfileGetString(inst, 'CVFeedrate', 'CVMode', 'G64')"  ?
If I have a Label called lblCVMode where does "scr.SetProperty('lblCVMode', 'Label', cvMode)" go?
Is the Label part of a button?

Does any one know how to read and display specific data from Machine.ini file onto the Mach4 Screen?
For example read the 100 and G64 from the Machine.ini file.
CV 100

Mach4 General Discussion / Material Removal Module for Mach4
« on: February 07, 2017, 02:26:01 PM »
Last May it was proposed by the Mach4 team that the "Material Removal Module" for Mach4 was to be available for purchase in July and then August last year, however nothing has happened?
When will it be available for purchase?
Has anyone within Mach4 Support team tested it with 4/5 Axis G-Code and does it cut and display correctly, as Mach4 Toolpath cannot display ant 4/5 Axis correctly at all?

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Question on Toolpath?
« on: January 28, 2017, 05:06:20 PM »
I fully understand that.
Mach4 is written to cater for old video cards that operate as low as V1.5 OpenGL and use single thread CPU processing.
This thread questioning whether we can eventually get an option not to display the initial full G-code at all, but just the G-code Toolpath that is being processed.
Steve answered that by saying not yet.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Question on Toolpath?
« on: January 28, 2017, 02:15:32 PM »
My question on this is, does it have any affect on the GPU usage?
My requirement would be not to display the loaded G-Code, hence no GPU usage on this through the cycle process, but display the actual cutting of the part of the G-code.
I am not sure changing colors would make any difference.
If I knew how to stop (turn off) this first G-code Toolpath display, then this would achieve the low GPU usage I am after.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Version 2 has no tenths jog increment
« on: January 23, 2017, 09:08:01 PM »
I am not sure what MPG you have or what controller you are going to use.
I use an MPG directly plugged into my HiCON controller, with HiCON controlling it and it works fine.
HiCON may be more costly than other drivers, however it is more robust than others who still are making lots of corrections.
We converted a mill to CNC and are using Level 5 ball screws, normal ones are Level 7.
All ballscrews when they are small have accuracy issues, so the larger they can be the more accurate they will be.
I only use .01mm as it is equal to .00039" increments.
Going to .001mm is just to fine (.000039) and requires a lot more micro steps and virtually zero back lash which will never exist on hobby equipment.
I also have some USB VistaCNC MPG's one early version with a questionable Mach4 plugin driver and a later version with a more reliable Mach4 plugin driver.
I am using Mach v3233 which matches the latest HiCON plugin drivers.
I would not use the keyboard for MPG.
MPG for tool height setup with say .1mm tip cutter requires fine MPG control and we normally use a brass shim to ensure the tip does not get damaged.
Backlash also need to be at minimum on the Z axis.
You need that accurate touch and feel when setting cutters up manually.

Many have enjoyed the ability of Mach3 being able to control the surface speed while cutting a 4 Axis object.
Mach3 very accurately maintained the surface speed (F Speed) of the A Axis (A Axis went gradually slower) as the Z axis move upwards and increased A Axis speed to its maximum allowed as set in the motor settings as the Z Axis lowered towards the centre of the object being cut.
Apart from motor start and motor slowdown the calculated surface speed was accurate to fractions of a second.
So if you had a speed set at F1000, it would maintain that speed from the outside diameter to the centre of the object being cut.

Is there anyone going to replicate this within Mach4?

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