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Agreed, putting line filters between a SCR phase angle DC drive and a DC motor is not a good idea. Using a shielded cable could still be helpful.

There are issues with how Mach4 and PMDX SmartBOBs interact when using the Mach4 built in probing routines.

Could you try running a G31 probe cycle by itself using MDI?

Please contact PMDX directly by email. We have a BETA plugin that is not in general release and would like you to test with it.

As Craig mentioned the first line of attack should be physical separation and shielding, especially for the power leads from the speed control to the motor.

The filter recommended by Craig may work for a phase angle controller for DC motors such as the KBMM but beware using them for a VFD.

VFD's generate high levels of harmonic current and generic noise filters may not survive usage on a VFD, especially on the output because the internal capacitors may overheat. In that case I would recommend instead that you put a generic filter, such as the one that Craig recommended in the link above, on the input power for the control board and the host computer and monitor. Then put a large simple ferrite ring common mode choke on the output and possibly the input of the VFD.

.... and that is why PMDX has not recommended the approach of wiring the HLFB signals in series.

I wish. While we have the lathe stuff all set, we have plenty of other
things to master.

Lathe threading is supported in Mach4, but depends on the motion controller.

Single pulse, tachometer, and full encoder are possible, depending on the
capabilities of your controller. PMDX supports all modes with our SmartBOB
series, with the exception that the PMDX-411 only supports single pulse.

ESS support for lathe threading is in development, but still pending.

I think the UCC products support threading in Mach3, but I am not sure
about Mach4 and their web site does not seem to provide an answer.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Mach 4 THC
« on: May 24, 2018, 09:03:02 PM »
I had the impression that the Artsoft THC experiments were done using LUA scripts,
but I am not positive. They did tell me that their setup required support for using
an "out of band" motor offset stacked on top of the regular Z and we at PMDX are
not yet set up to handle something like that. Also the experiments were done with
a board that could read an analog input. THC screens had been worked on but have
not appeared in any of the beta releases. I suspect they will hold off releasing anything
until at least one motion control vendor can fully support it.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Mach 4 THC
« on: May 24, 2018, 09:14:42 AM »
While reaction times for a THC do need to be fast, the issue is not as
severe as you describe. Indeed, since the Z axis is often a stepper motor,
the reaction time is limited by the motor and system mass to something
on the order of a few milliseconds. This is adequate for all but the
fastest THC systems.

The reason that the Up/Down signal feedback approach does not work
in this case is because there must be support in the motion controller
for these signals, and most do not have it. Vital Systems has created
this support in their motion controller and has also created a custom
screen set to configure its operation.

With Mach3 this support was supplied by the parallel port driver. Mach4's
core does not currently provide this support, nor do most external motion
controllers that work with Mach3. Artsoft is experimenting with THC support
within Mach4 but it may still require some updates to motion controller

There is an alternate approach, utilized in the Proma "SD" torch height
control interface. It is to pass the Z axis step and direction control
lines through the THC and the THC takes over control of these signals
while the plasma is in height control mode. This operational mode is
not present in the basic model of the Proma THC.

Try going to:

Configure > Mach and select the PlugIns tab. This is NOT the same as Config > Plugins

You will see a list of the plugins that Mach finds, as well as a column that allows you to
Enable or Disable each plugin it found.

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