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I've just converted a Grizzly wood lathe.  I'm successfully using Mach3 on a Dell Latitude D800.  By reading posts on the forum I was able to disable the services that were causing laptop trouble.  Everything appears to be working and I'm about ready start cutting, but the G-code list window is behaving strangely.  

I'm not sure where to post my questions about this.  My G-code file is 375 lines long, well within the 500-line limit.  The code displayed in the G-code list window doesn't match the file that I load.  The first couple hundred lines are right but then it starts repeating lines and omitting other lines.  When I run the code the system works perfectly until it gets up to the problem area.  Then it halts. If I hit the edit button, Notepad comes up and the file is perfect.  When I quit Notepad and go back to the G-code list window the bottom half of the file is still messed up.   Is this because it's unlicensed?  Is the code limit less than 500 lines for Mach3Turn?

Regards and thanks to all.

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