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Hi Polska,

You can reduce the maximum jogging speed as a percentage of the maximum speed. You have set it near 100% of the max. speed.


Hello Polska,

Have you installed .NET versions: `1.1 , 2.0, 3.0 too? On one occasion I found that these should also be installed.
Also please Check in your Settings/Add-Remove Programs to see if .NET's are installed properly.


Hello Polska,

What was the exact "not found message" on WinXP?
Please be advised that you should install all the required .NET's. The lateset version would not suffiice.


It seems that your joystick is acting as BW "West Button" . Did you check your joystick on the "Control Panel/Game Controller"?

In your Mach3 screens, check if you have selected the step mode instead of continuous mode for jogging.


Try to re-configure the joypad in the configuration menu, but this time interchange the assignments, e.g. assign X to Y, Y to Z and Z to X. See if the problem shifts. My point is that it might be something wrong with the gamepad itself.


Today I tried to simulate your problem. Of course my gamepad differs from yours. My observation was that: activating an axis and THEN pressing a safe button sends the same message to the programme. Check if you have changed any line in the M800 macro.

Cross check if the same SAFE or ALT button that is assigned in your gamepad setup, is the same that is activated in the Windows/ gamepad device. I had an experience, that for two identical gamepads, Button assignments differed! I just defined those buttons in the custom mode and the problem was solved. Check the mapping according to page 22 of the user manual.

Please see if this can solve the problem.

Joakim himself would be the main reference to this problem, as he is the creator of this plugin and his gamepad was identical to your model.


Please check the 5 and 6 buttons to be the "SAFE" buttons, otherwise you might have mapped the "ALT" buttons to work instead of the "SAFE". You can check it through the "Control Panel/Gamepad".


The right order is to press the "SAFE Button" (i.e. 5 or 6) and then move the joystick.
Did you check that your analog button is ON? Because if it is not, some gamepads do not work properly.


Hi LameIII

First of all, please describe the type of machine you intend to work with. Is it a 3 axis or 2 axis?

I am not familiar with the Logitech attack3 joystick, but I did a preliminary research on that and at a first glance, it seems that it is actually a two axis proportional stick with a throttle, which I think is a "one direction axis". By that I mean there might be no increase/decrease relative to a neutral point. There is a handle twist on another model, which I think it could be used as an axis. This should be the cause that you had you X and Y axes mapped, but not the Z axis.

The view switch seems to be the HAT or the D-PAD. And please remember this cluster could not be re-assigned.

Upon installing, the device assignment page will appear anyway. There, you should either select a predefined device assignment or define the functions at your discretion by selecting the "User Defined". I would suggest that you choose a predefined setting. e.g., 3 Axis Mill. Next you should check your "Device Button Mapping". Obviously it differs a lot with the conventional gamepad, so you better choose the "User Defined Gamepad". Then check the relevancy of each button of a standard gamepad to your joystick. After clicking on OK, you should assign you desired Mach3 functions on the "Device button assignment" accordingly.

I would suggest that you install Mach3 on whatever computer you have your hand on. No need to attach it to a machine. You can still run it in test mode. Later on, you can uninstall all or you can simply delete the plugin.

I would also urge you to read the manual, from page 10 to 28.

Please let us know of your progress.


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