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LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 22, 2009, 03:15:30 PM »
Ok I can open in Lcam and looks like it should,
Now when I post the code in Mach I only get 1 or 2 curved lines.
It is like all the chains do not get posted
Is there a select all chains etc before posting code??
I know it should work but is a little frustrating.
Looking for info on forums for similar issues but not much luck

Is there a certain way to post the code?? maybe I am doing wrong??

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 22, 2009, 10:39:13 AM »
Thought I had it working but I had used your DXF
What was the process you followed to get the jpeg to a working DXF?

I am using Inkscape but seem to be missing a step.
I open the image then trace bitmap, use edge detection.
Then I did something and it copied as a new layer so I deleted the old image and saved the new layer.
and it looks like the Dxf you posted and am able to turn to code in CamBam.

Don't know what I did as I can't seem to do it again

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 22, 2009, 09:19:14 AM »
Yes the link works and I have placed it into mine and the dxf 12 works

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 21, 2009, 05:44:21 PM »
I downloaded the cambam plus by mistake but used it to generate the NC code
Was able to load into mach and it runs. Only 38 uses left on cambam
Did not use Lcam
I wll keep playing with Lcam and see why I can't get it to post all code
But if CamBam works I will use it. May even Purchase if looks like I would use it a lot.
Will download the free version onto a disk and put it on cpu in garage
Using main cpu in house for testing everything first.
Had seen it on the web before but had purchased the Mach3 and thought with LazyCam
I would be all set.
So now I have Inkscape, cambam, A9Cad , and Lazycam oh and corel 10, and now I have my Photo shop 7 again
Too many programs so little time to play
Again thanks for all the input and steering me to cambam,

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 21, 2009, 04:34:48 PM »
ok  Brought up the dxf that you put up and looks great in Lcam, does take awhile to load, but not more than a couple minutes.
Post the g-code, and then open it in Mach3,  Now it only looks like one curved line.
Dry run it and yes it is only one curved line.  here is the gcode posted from Lcam.

N5 (File Name = trace3 on Wednesday, October 21, 2009)
N10 (Default Mill Post)
N15  G91.1
N20 G0  Z1.0000
N25 M3
N30  X73.3725  Y28.4523
N35  Z0.1000
N40 G1  X73.3181  Y28.4086  Z0.0000  F60.00
N45  X73.2554  Y28.3782   
N50  X73.2122  Y28.3614   
N55  X73.0357  Y28.3084   
N60  X73.0119  Y28.3024   
N65  X72.9864  Y28.2962   
N70  X72.9591  Y28.2898   
N75  X72.8136  Y28.2590   
N80  X72.7302  Y28.2433   
N85  X72.6347  Y28.2266   
N90  X71.8695  Y28.1287   
N95  X71.3574  Y28.0886   
N100  X71.0643  Y28.0741   
N105  X70.2825  Y28.0758   
N110  X70.1819  Y28.0829   
N115  X70.0782  Y28.0933   
N120  X69.8591  Y28.1330   
N125  X69.6495  Y28.2145   
N130  X69.5818  Y28.2468   
N135  X69.4927  Y28.2920   
N140  X69.3754  Y28.3551   
N145  X68.9180  Y28.6272   
N150  X68.6203  Y28.8200   
N155  X67.4778  Y29.6572   
N160  X67.3327  Y29.7782   
N165  X67.1812  Y29.9112   
N170  X67.1048  Y29.9818   
N175  X67.0278  Y30.0567   
N180  X66.8973  Y30.1940   
N185  X66.7720  Y30.3360   
N190  X66.5314  Y30.6283   
N195  X66.3761  Y30.8275   
N200  X66.2890  Y30.9425   
N205  X66.2429  Y31.0041   
N210  X66.1387  Y31.1458   
N215  X66.0837  Y31.2218   
N220  X65.7973  Y31.6318   
N225  X65.4380  Y32.1933   
N230  X65.3945  Y32.2676   
N235  X65.2174  Y32.6194   
N240  X65.1933  Y32.7189   
N245  X65.1648  Y32.8675   
N250  X65.0731  Y32.9878   

The line dry runs great but I dunno why the whole drawing does not load out from Lcam
Maybe something in my Lcam is funky????

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 21, 2009, 03:57:20 PM »
Thanks for the help, I am downloading CamBam Plus Beta Release 0.9.6e, any version better than others.
I have been bustin my but looking for my old photoshop disc , thought if I cleaned up the lines and then saved it from ps
it would come up better in inkscape. I did find a copy of the photoshop 7 in a box of old cd's
Going to install it as I did like using it to fix photos etc.  That will be in the future I would like to engrave photos
Think I may need Vectric photo carve though. Have been looking around at other software.

Most I do is text , but would be nice to put drawings in too.
Again thanks for the help.

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 21, 2009, 09:39:42 AM »
Forgot a DXF
Have 2 they are different sizes

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 21, 2009, 09:38:13 AM »
I waited for awhile as the chains were developing in Lcam and it processed quite a few and then it froze.
Saw a large rectangle on the screen. waited @ 5 more minutes and just shut it down.
That was last night.
Here is a jpg of the mermaid and a DXF as well.
When I view the DXF in solidworks viewer it looks a bit like it should.
Have tried a couple different  jpg gif tif

I used to have Adobe photoshop and was able to find edges etc quite well in that but after a system rebuild I lost it and can't find the disc now.
Have tried coreldraw 10 but I don't think I am using it correctly as it is new to me.

OWMBO (one who must be obeyed) says I am on the cmptr too much lately and the painting is not getting done (snicker)

So if you fellows can figure it out and send me in a better direction I will be quite happy.

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 20, 2009, 12:02:50 PM »
I have been trying some more and still cannot bring a dxf into Lcam properly
I import a Gif or jpg into Inkscape and trace to edges on a couple different images.
11:48:17 --- Loading file entities
11:48:20 --- Loading complete
11:48:20 --- Applying options filters
11:48:20 --- Duplicate entity removal

Now Lcam is frozen again. this happens most of the time.
I have even gone as far as reinstalling Lcam.
Must be an easy way as I am sure others have done similar to what I would like to do.
I will keep plugging along, Don;t want to give up.

The coloring book images are various types jpg, bmp and gif
I downloaded them for my Grandaughter to color from coloring book sites.
She is into the mermaid s and gson is into Cars. I like Doc Hudson
Thought a couple would look good as a plaque

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Drawing into LC and then to Mach
« on: October 20, 2009, 10:24:23 AM »
I opened the jpeg and changed it to a tiff.  Then imort it to inkscape. Path to trace bitmap. save the new image as DXF.
can't find a DXF ver12 option.  I tried to open in Lcam and get a couple little colored squares and then Freezes up
I have also tried with solidedge 2D but when I open it in Lcam I get the comments areas and no drwing.
I have just saved as SVG and tried to open with Lcam and It actually made the drawing and looks sort of the way I
think it should. Now post the gcode. When I open it in Mach I get some lines of code and a dot in centre of screen.
Run code and stops at N25 M23   Then run again and takes all of 1/2 a second to run  Code looks like this
N5 (File Name = Arial to Gcode22 on Tuesday, October 20, 2009)
N10 (Default Mill Post)
N15  G91.1
N20 G0  Z1.0000
N25 M3
N30  X214.0435  Y-837.8944
N35  Z0.1000
N40 G1  Z0.0000  F60.00
N45  X205.7770  Y-826.2947   
N50  X198.4865  Y-814.1104   
N55  X185.3445  Y-814.9769   
N60  X174.6621  Y-810.6772   
N65  X166.8946  Y-808.6840   
N70  X166.8106  Y-790.5737   
N75  X160.7762  Y-805.3282   
N80  X151.7482  Y-812.6604   
N85  X160.3540  Y-828.3821   
N90  X170.4164  Y-826.4590   
N95  X178.7603  Y-819.4200   
N100  X196.7063  Y-833.0103   
N105  X191.0817  Y-840.5558   
N110  X187.5466  Y-826.9887   
N115  X174.3452  Y-829.7004   
N120  X165.2389  Y-830.2530   
N125  X154.8555  Y-825.4159   
N130  X168.9876  Y-835.3786   
N135  X173.1294  Y-836.2745   
N140  X183.4583  Y-841.4343   
N145  X186.0235  Y-857.2973   
N150  X184.0402  Y-869.1853   
N155  X180.4634  Y-864.2923   
N160  X182.4872  Y-847.0793   
N165  X174.4688  Y-841.0860   
N170  X168.4485  Y-837.5550   
N175  X159.6266  Y-827.5041   
N180  X162.1617  Y-842.8182   
N185  X162.1883  Y-851.1288   
N190  X147.1162  Y-862.5991   
N195  X156.5106  Y-867.5166   
N200  X165.5293  Y-872.9882   
N205  X167.2250  Y-887.7918   
N210  X165.9957  Y-898.2693   
N215  X165.4791  Y-907.7336   
N220  X167.9883  Y-925.0697   
N225  X164.9581  Y-928.6828   
N230  X165.1872  Y-928.4846   
N235  X166.7999  Y-927.3085   
N240  Y-927.3086   
N245  X49.0271  Y-928.4633   
N250  X41.0637  Y-927.6776   
I may be doing something wrong.??
I am only trying to dry run in Mach no Machine setup.
When I bring in the roadrunner it looks like the roadrunner.
Any ideas

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