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Mach SDK plugin questions and answers. / SetLED function
« on: August 16, 2010, 04:53:23 AM »
Hi all,

I have successfully connected my PICDem custom board as an HID device to Mach3 using Ed's MachPuginWizard and a dll provided by Microchip.
This board is using a PIC18F4550 USB device

So currently, I am able to :
- input digital IO to Mach3
- input analog IO to Mach3
- output digital IO to my board
- output DRO  "value" to my board

The code is extremly simple and works very well for :
- GetDRO()
- SetDRO()
- GetLED()
- code()

BUT I still have a strange behavior with the SetLED function.

It is well recognized, the compilation and link work well. But when running nothing happens... The led state doesn't change at all.

Here is the code of the piUpadte function.

As you will see it is still a quite simple prototype (just to discover the great capabilities of Mach3 plugins  ;))

It does the following :

- check if the PICDem board is connected
if yes
- looks at if a button is pressed
- if yes toggles the Spindle (M3, M5 Gcode)
- Tries to toggle the flood  with the SetLED function which doesn't work
- clears the Z DRO

and finally gets an analog input to update the Spindle Speed DRO

Please any help would be appreciated for the SetLED function !!!


Code: [Select]
void piUpdate()
if (MG::xyzDemoDialog)
double ADCValue = 0;

XYZDemoDialog^ xyzDemoDialog = MG::xyzDemoDialog;
if (MCHPHIDClass::USBHIDIsConnected () == true)
xyzDemoDialog->textBoxX->Text =  "Connected";
unsigned char OutputPacketBuffer[64]; //Allocate a memory buffer equal to our report size
unsigned char InputPacketBuffer[64]; //Allocate a memory buffer equal to our report size

OutputPacketBuffer[0] = 0x81; //0x81 is the "Get Pushbutton State" command in the firmware

if (MCHPHIDClass::USBHIDWriteReport (OutputPacketBuffer, 1) == true)
MCHPHIDClass::USBHIDReadReport (InputPacketBuffer);
//InputPacketBuffer[0] is an echo back of the command.
//InputPacketBuffer[1] contains the I/O port pin value for the pushbutton (1 = not pressed, 0 = pressed). 
if(InputPacketBuffer[1] == 0x01)
xyzDemoDialog->textBoxY->Text = "Not Pressed"; //Update the pushbutton state text label on the form, so the user can see the result
else //InputPacketBuffer[1] must have been == 0x00 instead
xyzDemoDialog->textBoxY->Text =  "Pressed"; //Update the pushbutton state text label on the form, so the user can see the result

SetDRO(802, 0); // clears the Z DRO

if (GetLED(11)== true) // get the staus of the Spindle
Code("M5"); // stops the spindle (if running)
xyzDemoDialog->textBoxY->Text =  "spindle OFF";

SetLED(13, false); //DOES NOT WORK (should stop the flood)
Code("M3"); // start the spindle (if not running)
xyzDemoDialog->textBoxY->Text =  "spindle ON";

SetLED(13, true); // DOES NOT WORK (should start the flood)


ADCValue = (double)(((InputPacketBuffer[3] << 8) + InputPacketBuffer[2])*30); //Need to reformat the data from two unsigned chars into one unsigned int.
SetDRO(817, ADCValue); //SpindleSpeed 817 updated with analog input from PICDem


xyzDemoDialog->textBoxX->Text = "Disconnected";
xyzDemoDialog->textBoxY->Text = "Not Pressed"; //Update the pushbutton state text label on the form, so the user can see the result

xyzDemoDialog->textBoxZ->Text = GetDRO(202).ToString("F4"); //SpindleSpeed Overwrite


Hi all,

I have tried to compile anf run the shuttlePro example provided in the SDK

The compilation is OK, link also

After I put the dll in the Mach3/plugins folder and run Mach3

what I get is : Error triggered Art code 904
then after ignoring : error stopping timer
then Mach3 crashes...

Any idea of what is wrong ?

BTW, what I want to do is to have an example of source code using usb HID IF. And shuttlePro seems to have one !

thanks in advance

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