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Hi Hood
thanks for your help Problem solved uninstalled mach delited all trace of it from my machine and reinstalled from scratch and it seems to be working fine. All three axis working motor drivers seems to be fine (hobby cnc pro)I am so chuffed

I have tried reinstalling the driver. I have uninstalled mach3 and reinstalled rebooted but still no pulse freqency i will search the records but that is the state of play at the moment

Hi thanks for the quick reply no pulse freqency i will reinstall the driver and let you know

Could somebody please help. When i first loaded mach3 i used the driver test it indicated that i had a problem. I then ran the special driver bat and the test then ran well. A few days later i was not able to jog at all so i ran the test again and got an error mesage could not locate missing vectors. I have tried to search and have found a few posts about this but no solutions yet.

Hi I live in South Africa have finished building a small CNC router. I intend to use this for producing moulds for plaster casting moulds for my aluminum foundry.

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