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General Mach Discussion / Tool Table in CSV Format
« on: May 18, 2015, 08:37:14 AM »
If you want a tool table to import this may help. It has a generic listing I made of Drills and Mills upto an Inch and 20MM with both metric and Imperial dimensions of each.
Just cut and shut in Excel to get what you need then make a macro to import them into Mach3 tool Table.
And no i haven't made a macro as yet :-[ I believe there may be one somewhere. If any one finds it post it here and we can all use it.
Feel free to add to the list if you want.

These are the various formats to extract the data so the reverse will get it in. These are simply info I have collected from this Forum. So kudos to the guys who put them up.

G Code Example :

G10 L1 P~ X~ Z~ (Description)

P = Tool Number
X = Diameter
Z = Offset

Macro Example:

'Macro ToolTable Report
'newer version will poll up To 225 tools And skip Any tool With a description of "empty"
' overwrite file = C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\ToolInfo.txt
textFilePath = "C:\mach3\ToolInfo.txt"
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objTextFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(textFilePath)
Do Until num=225
N = GetToolDesc(num)
D = GetToolParam(num,1)
L = GetToolParam(num,2)
WD= Gettoolparam(num,3)
WL= Gettoolparam(num,4)
If N <>"Empty" Then
objTextFile.WriteLine("*Tool"& num &"  * "& N &" *Diameter: "& D &" *Length: "& L &" *Wear Diam"&WD &" *WearLength"&WL & Chr(13) & Chr(10))
End If
Dim sCOMMAND As String
 sCOMMAND="print c:\mach3\toolinfo.txt"
 Shell("c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c" & sCOMMAND)

VB Example

Option Explicit

Dim Response As Integer

Dim Path As String

Dim ToolNumber As Integer

Dim ToolDiameter As Double

Dim ToolLength As Double

Dim ToolDescription As String

Dim i As Integer

'Note the GetMainFolder is incorrect I beleive
Path = GetMainFolder & "myTools.txt"

Open Path For Output As #1

Print #1, "Mach3 Tooltable printout" & Date() & " " & Time(Now)

Print #1, ""

Print #1, "Tool:" & Chr(9) & "Diam:" & Chr(9) & "Length:" & Chr(9) &

For ToolNumber = 1 To 250

ToolDiameter = GetToolParam(ToolNumber, 1)

ToolLength = GetToolParam(ToolNumber, 2)

ToolDescription = GetToolDesc(ToolNumber)

Print #1, ToolNumber & Chr(9) & ToolDiameter & Chr(9) & ToolLength & Chr(9)
& ToolDescription


Response = MsgBox("Your file is at the following location: " & Path, 0)

Close #1


Hi Guys,
I have been a member since 2009 and just realised I haven't taken the time to introduce myself. My apology for this fopar.
Im am a Ex Army(Australian D.O.D) Apprentice Fitter and Turner(graduated), specializing in heat treatment, gear cutting and metrology, with a side order of CAD.
I have spent 20+ years writing and programing in Assembly, and VB as well as some minor DOS languages. I taught VB and ICT in College for two years and currently run my own Computer Business.
I typed/punched cards programs for CNC(if you could call them that) machines then tapes etc etc for 5-6 years way back when ;D. In 2009 I bought my own Milling machine and decided to CNC retrofit it.
Hence the reason I'm on here. Since that time the mill has had Ball screws fitted, HobbyCNC Pro driver Board with Mach3 cONTROL SOFTWARE. I make, design and build Race engines, gearboxes and chassis in my spare time (what there is of it lately)for my family and friends who all race in one category of motorsport or another. And yes we have national and State titles in most.
The mill has been a godsend for small intricate parts and punching out quick change gears for gearboxes etc. I work in materials ranging from Plastic through Aluminium, Brass, Carbon steel to more excotic Alloy steels and Chrome Molly Steels.
Id like to take the time to thank everyone who has helped me get the mill up and running over the years. And yes changing from one machine type of GCode to another has caused me a generous loss of hair and Mill bits over the years :(


Thanks Russ

Hey Guys
Can any moderator assist me to modify my wizard upload , it has the wrong upload and if people use it it will crash the probe. For some reason it is showing up again! Also i have uploaded the latest beta 0.7 so all the others can be deleted please.

Thanks again.

Looks good. And if it works then that's a double winner

The DoButton(24) I assume does a home move, the while ismoving() Wend statement is simply the sequence stopping all other actions till it's finished moving.
So if we get the x DRO co-ordinents (x=GetOEMDRO(800)) then place the do function between a loop that keeps checking the x value (x=GetOEMDRO(800))until it gets to 2 then reduce the rapid to a slower value, place the While IsMoving() Wend statement at the end of the loop.
As I don't have a 2010.set file I'm not sure of the button function.
Have a look at the 1024m screen I put there to see how I have done the slow down. It might help.

x=SetEOMDRO(800) should be x=GetOEMDRO(800)
 and have a look at my 1024.set page one mod. next to the FRO slider.
it uses * and / to plus and minus the Rapid.

Just a thought, could you wrap the CODE in a do while loop, set full speed until 2 mm (.2") from 0 then set the rapid speed to 30% OR SO

Do While x>2
[place normal code here ]
Exit Do
[place normal code here]


General Mach Discussion / Re: WHAT IF ?
« on: May 14, 2015, 08:15:37 PM »
i Feel we need to gather all the Wizards, Screens, Macros etc etc. and place them in a files section. then remove them from the forum.
Why you ask? Well I have on occasion looked around for a solution to a problem I'm having with a wizard, macro etc and have come across a file which offers a solution, only to find several files of the same name or item, with no way of knowing what is the latest or  the one relevant to what I'm doing or (even Worse) which versions of Mach3 it will work with!. The forum is good in it allows us to connect on issues, however the file delivery side of it gets lost in the conversations.
And yes I believe that an all encompassing version of Mach3 would be great. There would be the issue of Licensing, however I think we could navigate that issue with a little common sense :o
Things like USB integration, MPGs, and serial, and XBOX controllers etc etc all in the file ready to go. Documentation supplied in the package for each unit. It could be done.

Anyway my two cents worth.

Thanks guys.

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