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Mach3 under Vista / Re: Minimum PC requirements vs real life (Newbie)
« on: July 09, 2015, 08:50:36 PM »
Dedicating a CPU to Mach 3 probably won't be of any benefit. I have set Mach3 at highest priority in the past and it makes little if any difference. The main issue with Mach3 is the memory use. If you can force it to run in memory AND use the best memory you can get without pageing out you will find it works fine. Watch for Video Memory buffers and such as well. I have an i5 System with 4GB memory in Vista running antivirus, networking(WiFi), Video and at times Various programs for calculating different engineering work. This does not cause problems, However!!!! do not run anything while you are cutting, watch for timeouts on system components. As you would be aware in the BIOS or now days the UEFI there are time out periods in there that need to be overridden. Also watch for little things like "allow the system to switch of this device" settings within the actual configuration in PP,USB,Video,etc etc. these will destroy parts. I think the biggest thing to worry about with using Mach3 is making sure your setup is bulletproof to start with.

Let us know how you Go

General Mach Discussion / Re: Need confirmation
« on: July 04, 2015, 12:28:31 AM »
Hi TP.
still getting the 1 Step loss on the G31 however above 0.254 the steps at least are working.

G31Y Test Jog# 0.208333333
Ydro: 0.20625 Ypnt: 0.20625 Jog value: 0.208333333
Ydro: 0.41458333333333 Ypnt: 0.41458333333333 Jog value: 0.416666666
Ydro: 0.62291666666667 Ypnt: 0.62291666666667 Jog value: 0.624999999
Ydro: 0.83125 Ypnt: 0.83125 Jog value: 0.833333332
Ydro: 1.0395833333333 Ypnt: 1.0395833333333 Jog value: 1.041666665
Ydro: 1.2479166666667 Ypnt: 1.2479166666667 Jog value: 1.249999998
Ydro: 1.45625 Ypnt: 1.45625 Jog value: 1.458333331
Ydro: 1.6645833333333 Ypnt: 1.6645833333333 Jog value: 1.666666664
Ydro: 1.8729166666667 Ypnt: 1.8729166666667 Jog value: 1.874999997
Ydro: 2.08125 Ypnt: 2.08125 Jog value: 2.08333333
Ydro: 2.2895833333333 Ypnt: 2.2895833333333 Jog value: 2.291666663
G01 Y Test Jog# 0.208333333
Ydro: 0.20833333333333 Jog Value: 0.208333333
Ydro: 0.41666666666667 Jog Value: 0.416666666
Ydro: 0.625 Jog Value: 0.624999999
Ydro: 0.83333333333333 Jog Value: 0.833333332
Ydro: 1.0416666666667 Jog Value: 1.041666665
Ydro: 1.25 Jog Value: 1.249999998
Ydro: 1.4583333333333 Jog Value: 1.458333331
Ydro: 1.6666666666667 Jog Value: 1.666666664
Ydro: 1.875 Jog Value: 1.874999997
Ydro: 2.0833333333333 Jog Value: 2.08333333
Ydro: 2.2916666666667 Jog Value: 2.291666663
G31Y Test Jog# 0.25416666666667
Ydro: 0.25416666666667 Ypnt: 0.25416666666667 Jog value: 0.25416666666667
Ydro: 0.50625 Ypnt: 0.50625 Jog value: 0.50833333333333
Ydro: 0.7625 Ypnt: 0.7625 Jog value: 0.7625
Ydro: 1.0166666666667 Ypnt: 1.0166666666667 Jog value: 1.0166666666667
Ydro: 1.26875 Ypnt: 1.26875 Jog value: 1.2708333333333
Ydro: 1.525 Ypnt: 1.525 Jog value: 1.525
Ydro: 1.7791666666667 Ypnt: 1.7791666666667 Jog value: 1.7791666666667
Ydro: 2.03125 Ypnt: 2.03125 Jog value: 2.0333333333333
Ydro: 2.2875 Ypnt: 2.2875 Jog value: 2.2875
Ydro: 2.5416666666667 Ypnt: 2.5416666666667 Jog value: 2.5416666666667
Ydro: 2.79375 Ypnt: 2.79375 Jog value: 2.7958333333333
G01 Y Test Jog# 0.25416666666667
Ydro: 0.25416666666667 Jog Value: 0.25416666666667
Ydro: 0.50833333333333 Jog Value: 0.50833333333333
Ydro: 0.7625 Jog Value: 0.7625
Ydro: 1.0166666666667 Jog Value: 1.0166666666667
Ydro: 1.2708333333333 Jog Value: 1.2708333333333
Ydro: 1.525 Jog Value: 1.525
Ydro: 1.7791666666667 Jog Value: 1.7791666666667
Ydro: 2.0333333333333 Jog Value: 2.0333333333333
Ydro: 2.2875 Jog Value: 2.2875
Ydro: 2.5416666666667 Jog Value: 2.5416666666667
Ydro: 2.7958333333333 Jog Value: 2.7958333333333
G31Y Test Jog# 0.504166666666
Ydro: 0.50208333333333 Ypnt: 0.50208333333333 Jog value: 0.504166666666
Ydro: 1.00625 Ypnt: 1.00625 Jog value: 1.008333333332
Ydro: 1.5104166666667 Ypnt: 1.5104166666667 Jog value: 1.512499999998
Ydro: 2.0145833333333 Ypnt: 2.0145833333333 Jog value: 2.016666666664
Ydro: 2.51875 Ypnt: 2.51875 Jog value: 2.52083333333
Ydro: 3.0229166666667 Ypnt: 3.0229166666667 Jog value: 3.024999999996
Ydro: 3.5270833333333 Ypnt: 3.5270833333333 Jog value: 3.529166666662
Ydro: 4.03125 Ypnt: 4.03125 Jog value: 4.033333333328
Ydro: 4.5354166666667 Ypnt: 4.5354166666667 Jog value: 4.537499999994
Ydro: 5.0395833333333 Ypnt: 5.0395833333333 Jog value: 5.04166666666
Ydro: 5.54375 Ypnt: 5.54375 Jog value: 5.545833333326
G01 Y Test Jog# 0.504166666666
Ydro: 0.50416666666667 Jog Value: 0.504166666666
Ydro: 1.0083333333333 Jog Value: 1.008333333332
Ydro: 1.5125 Jog Value: 1.512499999998
Ydro: 2.0166666666667 Jog Value: 2.016666666664
Ydro: 2.5208333333333 Jog Value: 2.52083333333
Ydro: 3.025 Jog Value: 3.024999999996
Ydro: 3.5291666666667 Jog Value: 3.529166666662
Ydro: 4.0333333333333 Jog Value: 4.033333333328
Ydro: 4.5375 Jog Value: 4.537499999994
Ydro: 5.0416666666667 Jog Value: 5.04166666666
Ydro: 5.5458333333333 Jog Value: 5.545833333326


General Mach Discussion / Re: Need confirmation
« on: July 04, 2015, 12:16:58 AM »
Thanks TP, I'll make all my moves greater then 0.254mm and try that.
I am assuming thats 10 Thousands of an inch.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Need confirmation
« on: July 03, 2015, 10:35:13 PM »
Thanks TP, not what I wanted to here, but it does confirm my thoughts. I'm using .67 and .66 Versions.
So do we live with this or submit a bug report?


General Mach Discussion / Re: Need confirmation
« on: July 03, 2015, 08:28:09 PM »
OK I will review that .

Are you sure you are not seeing error from the probe trip itself. Lower end 3point pivot probes CAN be inaccurate when moving in certain directions such as not in line with a pivot ball. They are 3 point most accurate and 3 points worse accurate. It between it can vary as well.
The probe is not being used at this moment, Just trying to find the source of the erroneous error

Also are you sure it is not a step resolution problem where it cannot get to the position because of step resolution. It will add the remainder of the lost step value into the next move.
You will see that the only step I use in the program is the actual resolution and multiples of it in the Wizard

Just a thought, (;-) TP

The background for this was that I was probing a ground internal Diameter to get ready for a cut and I noticed a discrepancy in the numbers coming back on the dro's.
At first i thought there was contamination on the probe tip or job surface causing loss of electrical continuity. I eliminated this, then went on to Backlash, Steps per Axis etc etc. Eventually all that was left was an error in the actual program. In the MDI I couldn't find it, so I went back to the Wizard and that's were I found the error occurring.
Hence this Forum Discussion. I believe the error is specifically the G31 command has problems with large decimal place numbers and is truncating them using some method. Or it is simply missing the first microstep/step, either way there is an error in the G31 coding or my installation of Mach3. The issue doesn't raise its head unless you have large decimal place numbers, so 0.0125 or 0.0250 etc will work but 0.00208333333 or odd multiples of this don't. These are actual step values I use so im really baffled as they are "all" multiples of the smallest step value


General Mach Discussion / Re: Need confirmation
« on: July 03, 2015, 02:59:20 AM »
I have review your test system and while it does produce results like this some times, it doesn't always.

I have produced a wizard and a test file that i ran on my system for your perusal and playing.
The error generated is 1 missed step every time.

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated. My single step is 0.002083333333333333., however as you can see from the text file it isn't this specific number that the issue arises from.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Need confirmation
« on: June 30, 2015, 06:17:06 AM »
Hi TP,
The value is a full move value. Probe is not in play at this stage. No calculations have been performed.
Just a simple move and its bugging me that the space in the code is creating the difference in the outcome.

At this stage i'm just looking for repeatability in some one else's wizard setup.
BTW the centre finder wizard is were this first showed up. Manually moving the Y axis produced the fault and the X axis moves did not.
When I traced the code, the only difference I could find was this G31Y having no space. I altered it to G31 Y and hey presto the fault disappeared.
Is it a bug? who knows unless we can duplicate the Fault. Hence the Question.


General Mach Discussion / Need confirmation
« on: June 29, 2015, 10:14:41 PM »
Just need to verify what is happening in the wizards

Background info - X and Y axis are set at 480 steps per Unit(mm) - resolution is 0.0020833 of a mm.
Input is JogVal=0.20833

When i code this
Code "G31  Y" & JogVal & " F" &ProbeFeed

Output to DRO and movement is 0.20833

However if the code is
Code "G31Y" & JogVal & " F" &ProbeFeed
Notice the missing space between G31Y.....

Output to DRO and movement is 0.20625

This appears to only occur in Wizards, inputting this in the MDI brings the same value to movement and DRO 0.20833

Could any one verify that this occurs for them as well please.


I would take down all your xml/Mach3 settings, then copy your old XML file somewhere else and remake it.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach3 Major Bug?
« on: June 25, 2015, 10:06:01 AM »
Hi Wes

I ran your code and macro and recorded the actual step pulse output. the first .pdf shows the numbers:

The largest positional error as defined by your machine setup for A is 0.001998759mm.

I then ran it again with your round() modification and the second .pdf shows the numbers:

The motion was virtually identical except for a couple of cases where the step numbers 4923 and 4922 were reversed. The maximum error was 0.001776495mm so about 1/20,000ths of a mm difference over the first run.

Your machine's (theoretical/mathematical) precision according to your motor tuning is 0.0028126... mm/step so in both cases Mach has done its job and kept the error inside your machine's resolution.

Note that this is what your machine is ACTUALLY doing. It matters not how many decimal places the DROs show, changing the DRO "precision" does not cause Mach to alter its step pulse output.

Anyway - hope this is useful or at least interesting.

Thanks for testing this Striling.
A couple of points though that may be of interest.
The error i get from rounding is as I said is quite good, however passing a Val without rounding causes the error on rounding to compound to the point of being outside of my work Parameters. This issue I am seeing is not in the machine setup or the degree of accuracy but in the handling of the value being passed from the macro to the Gcode. Of interest is if you use the rounding Function 180 and 360 are seen as 180.000000 and 360.000000 in my setup, yet in yours I see values quite different. My error without the rounding if I Remember correctly(deleted the XL file i was using sorry)was small. yet accumulative quite large from actual. Once again it may be a version specific thing, however passing the Val from the Macro to the GCode is were the error started and by using the round function it was eliminated.


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