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NC Pod / Re: Problem configuring NC Pod
« on: May 09, 2009, 07:29:41 AM »

I managed to update the ncpod to the 2045 fireware, which is supplied with "ncpod basic panel".

So I tried to validate the configuration of the ncpod to the laptop by using "ncpod basic panel". I click on "+" for an axis to make move it. Unfortunately it didn't work (with 42V supplier and drivers connected and ON). I click on "move tool to origine". Finaly, all button became grey and no button was pushable. The Ncpod was probaly disconnected (physically connected but soft disconnected).
I don't know what hapened.

If you have any idea...

Other thing, I didn't find signification of enlightning led. If you've got that, I'm interrested.

For information, when I supply nc pod with 5V DC, red led is fixed enlighted, and Green and blue flash (1 Hz).
When the nc pod is reconized by the PC, red is OFF and green and blue ON. I don't know if it's mean that all is OK for the ncpod and connection with the PC (it's a laptop : I disabled lagacy in bios).

Any help is importante for me. Thanks by adavance.



NC Pod / Problem configuring NC Pod
« on: May 08, 2009, 04:29:13 PM »

I'm new on this forum.

I read all topic about Nc Pod.

I'm setting up my laptop to drive the milling machine I'm finishing.

I've some problems with Nc Pod configuration.

I don't manage to update fireware :
- I intalled USB drivers provided by OEM
- My laptop run on win XP and use USB 2.0
- The nc pod can be disconected (by soft) in windows just like a USB key
- Nc pod controller is well intalled in setting panel (it exist on it and windows consider that the controller has no problem)
Unfortunately, an error message aware me that the updating program of the fireware don't find nc pod which is supplied with DC 5V and plugged to the PC

Due to this problem, ncpod plugin diagnostic shows nothing

Thank for you help in advance.


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