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General Mach Discussion / reverse cut lathe wizard
« on: May 09, 2009, 03:20:36 PM »
Is there a lathe wizard for cutting the reverse direction? (Spindle to TailStock) The current wizard will not let you define a cut that way.

I purchased a new computer to control my shoptask 3-in-1 machine. I have had the shoptask for several years now running Mach3 with no problems using the old computer. I purchased the newer computer (1.8GHz Dell Deminsion 2350) and have installed Mach3 and optimized the computer and everything works great except for the Y- Axis. It acts like it is missing steps?? It is not smooth nor runs contiunuously in either direction. I have isolated the problem down to pin#11 on the parallel port I just don't understand why it does not work correctly. I measured the voltages from the pins and everything seems fine. It seems fine meaning the old computer and new computer operate the same. I'm getting betwenn 3.5V-4V on each pin. The pulse engine is around 23775hz. The only difference between the old XP machine and the new one is the new machine is an ACPI uniprocessor. Attached is the .xml I'm using. It acts like there s some bios problem or Mach3 is having interference with another program, I just cannot find what.  Has anyone run into this problem?

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